The Hero Cycle of Marie de Médici

by Peter-Paul Rubens (1577-1640). Louvre, Paris.

Marie de' Medici. (1573-1642). Daughter of Francis of Tuscany. Married Henri IV in 1600 and mother of Louis XIII, during whose minority she was regent. She lost a power struggle with Richelieu and left France in 1631. See Wikipedia / Life of Marie de Medici

Portrait of Marie de Médici as Bellona (Goddess of War)

François I de Médici (1541-1587), father of Marie

Jeanne of Austria (1547-1578), mother of Marie

The Birth of Marie de Médici

The Fates spin the destiny of Marie

The Education of Marie

Henry IV receives the portrait of Marie

The Marriage by Proxy of Marie and Henry IV, October 5, 1600

The Landing of Marie in Marseilles, November 3, 1600

The Meeting of the King and Marie at Lyon, December 9, 1600

The Triumph of Juliers, September 1, 1601

The Birth of Louis XIII at Fontainebleu on Sept. 27, 1601

The Consignment of the Regency: Henry Leaves for War with Germany, March 20, 1610

The Coronation of Marie at Saint-Denis on May 13, 1610

Apothesosis of Henry IV and the Proclamation of the Regency of Marie, May 16, 1610

The Council of the Gods about the Spanish marriages

The Exchange of the Princesses of France and Spain, November 9, 1615

The Felicity of the Regency

The Majority of Louis XIII, October 20, 1614

The Queen Flees from the Chateau of Blois, February 21, 1619

The Treaty of Angoulême, April 30, 1619

The Conclusion of the Peace at Angers, August 10, 1620

The Reconciliation of the Queen and her Son after the death of Contini, December 15, 1621

The Triumph of Truth