Myths of Creation
Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 1

Creation According to Hesiod

Theogony = "Birth of the Gods"    

power of the Muses (divinely inspired revelation)



First principles:

    Chaos (Void)

    Gaia (Earth)

    Tartarus, Erebus, Night

    Eros (Sexual Love)


Primacy and Mystery of Eros

    procreative force


Creation According to Ovid

    process of metamorphosis

        The Ovid Project / Structure of Ovid's "Metamorphoses"

    Chaos as crude, unformed mass



Sacred Marriage of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth)

    hieros gamos = sacred marriage

   anthropomorphic creation: cosmos as  human

    male versus female

    creation as a procreative act (Eros)

    patriarchy versus matriarchy


Titans and Their Descendants

    Ocean and Oceanids

    Sun (Hyperion, Helius)


    Moon (Selene)


    Dawn (Eos)



Castration of Uranus and Birth of Aphrodite

    Oedipus complex

    male fear of castration

    power of Aphrodite’s fertility


Cronus (Sky) and Rhea (Earth) and Birth of Zeus

    succession myth

    Oedipus complex again



Religious and Historical Interpretation

    Religious syncretism

    Aegean Mother-goddess (Rhea)

Indo-European Sky-god (Zeus)

In the Modern World

    Muses ("Muse", the film)



    Gaia principle

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