Zeus' Rise to Power: The Creation of Mortals
Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 2

Zeus: Overview, Zeus on Mythmedia, Images and Texts

Titanomachy: Zeus Defeats His Father, Cronus

    cosmic warfare

    succession myth part II

    Titans = Titanic



Gigantomachy: Zeus Defeats the Giants and Typhoeus








Creation of Mortals

    Ovidís godlike animal


The Four or Five Ages of Humankind

    Gold, Silver, Bronze, (Heroes), Iron

    Lucas Cranach the Elder
        The Silver Age, The Silver Age (The Effects of Jealousy)


        Stone Age, Industrial Age, Space Age, Computer Age, etc.


Prometheus Against Zeus

    Prometheus (forethought)

    Prometheus Bound

Creation of Pandora

    Epimetheus (afterthought)

    Pandora (jar or box?): the Greek Eve



Interpretations of Myths of Prometheus and Pandora

    aetiology of fire and ritual sacrifice, human suffering and woes

        Why does hope stay in the jar?

    Divine oppressors versus divine benefactors


Aeschylusí Prometheus Bound

    regenerative power of the liver


Io, Zeus, and Prometheus

    Heracles, Ioís descendant, will free Prometheus


Zeus and Lycaon and the Wickedness of Mortals



The Flood

    Deucalion and Pyrrha

    The race of stone

    Noah and the Flood: Comparative Mythology



Succession Myths and Other Motifs

    Babyonian Enuma Elish


In the Modern World

    Pandora's Box

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    Prometheus Bound

    the ages of humankind and the flood

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