Aphrodite and Eros
Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 7

Aphrodite: Overview, Aphrodite at Mythmedia, Images and Texts
Eros: Overview, Eros at Mythmedia

Aphrodite Urania and Aphrodite Pandemos

    celestial goddess of pure and spiritual love

        sacred daughter of Uranus

    earthly goddess of physical attraction and procreation

        profane daughter of Zeus and Dione

The Nature and Appearance of Aphrodite

Attendants of Aphrodite

   Graces (Charites)

   Hours or Seasons (Horae)




The Phallic Priapus

    Click here for a photo of a modern Priapus (warning: adult image)

Pygmalion and Galatea

    George Bernard Shaw

    Lerner and Lowe's "My Fair Lady"









Aphrodite and Adonis

   more images of Titian's "Venus and Adonis"





Cybele and Attis







Aphrodite and Anchises



Aeneas Carrying his Father Anchises out of burning Troy

Click on the image for a full screen copy.


Gianlorenzo Bernini


Narcissus and Echo


John William Waterhouse



Pyramis and Thisbe


Hondius, Abraham
Pyramis and Thisbe, c. 1660-65
Oil on canvas, 69 x 80,7 cm




Socrates' Speech in Plato's Symposium


Cupid and Psyche

Jacques-Louis David
The Cleveland Museum of Art





Other images of Cupid and Psyche


Raphael. Details of the Loggia di Psiche: Psyche Received on Olympus (eastern half of ceiling)  1518-19
For more on this painting, click on Villa Farnesina.

Sappho's Prayer to Aphrodite

Cupid and the Modern World











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