Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 8

Overview, Artemis at Mythmedia, Images and Texts

Homeric Hymns to Artemis

    essential features of the goddess: beauty, chastity, hunting, bow and arrows

    relationship with her brother Apollo










The Birth of Artemis and Apollo

    Homeric Hymn to Apollo (see Chapter 9) Outline of Homeric Hymn to Apollo / Homeric Hymn to Apollo

    children of Leto and Zeus

    on island of Delos

Niobe and her Children

    human hybris (excessive pride): Leto claims superiority to the goddess Leto

    loyalty of Artemis and Apollo to their mother Leto

    vindictiveness of the gods    

    metamorphosis theme




    purity of Artemis

    vindictiveness of the goddess

    metamorphosis theme

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Callisto and Arcas

    purity of Artemis

    Zeus= metamorphosis and deceit

    vindictiveness of the goddess

    constellations: Callisto as Ursa Major and Arcas as Arcturus or Bootes)

    Callisto: moon of Jupiter


    hunter who tries to rape Artemis


Origins of Artemis

    as fertility goddess












Artemis, Selene and Hecate

    Artemis = earth

    Selene = moon

    Hecate = underearth

    goddess of the intersection (Trivia)

Artemis Versus Aphrodite: Euripides= Hippolytus

Artemis in the Modern World

    moon goddess


    Most important myth: Actaeon

    Comparison of the goddess and Princess Diana

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