Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 9

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The Birth of Apollo

    see Artemis in Chapter 8
 Homeric Hymn to Apollo  Outline of Homeric Hymn to Apollo / Homeric Hymn to Apollo

    Apollo and Delphi

    Pythian Apollo, Apollo as slayer of Python


    Apollo Delphinius (Apollo and the Dophins)

    Pythian Games

The Oracle and the Pythia at Delphi

    Pythia, priest/prophetess of Apollo

    prophetic ecstasy

    ambiguous prophecy

    Cumaean Sibyl

    sanctuary of Cumae in Italy



Apollo and Cassandra

Apollo and Marpessa

    love triangle: Apollo and the human Idas love the same girl. She chooses the mortal lover.

Apollo and Cyrene

    Cyrene wrestles a lion and becomes Apollo=s lover

Apollo and Daphne

    aetiology of the laurel (daphne = laurel)





Gianlorenzo Bernini, 1622
Galleria Bourghese, Roma


Apollo and Hyacinthus

Apollo, Coronis, and Asclepius

    Apollo kills Coronis because of infidelity but saves the fetus, Asclepius

    Aesculapius: A Modern Tale

The Alcestis of Euripides


Apollo=s Musical contest with Marsyas

    hybris: satyr challenges a god







Apollo=s Musical Contest with Pan

    King Midas has Ass=s Ears










The Nature of Apollo

    god of contradictions

        healing and disease

reason and emotion

    Know thyself

    Nothing in excess

Apollo in the Modern World

    god of music (Apollo Theatres)

    god of the sun

    most important myth: Daphne

    Nietzschean contrast with Dionysus: Apollonian vs. Dionysian

    Rush. Hemispheres


    Modern Oracle of Apollo

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