Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 9

Mercury in the Rotunda of the National Gallery of At in Washington, D.C.

Overview, Images and Texts

The Birth and Childhood of Hermes (Homeric Hymn to Hermes)

Outline of Homeric Hymn to Hermes / Study Questions

Hermes Invents the Lyre

Hermes Steals Apollo's Cattle

Hermes and the cattle: 
Theseus Painter, ca 500 BC

Apollo Confronts Hermes

Hermes and Apollo Bring Their Case Before Zeus

The Reconciliation between Hermes and Apollo

The Nature of Hermes and His Worship















Hermes Psychopompos














Hermaphroditus and Salmacis







The Modern Mercury














Hermes at Mythmedia, Images and Texts

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