Views of the Afterlife: The Realm of Hades
Morford and Lenardon, Chapter Thirteen

Hades: Overview, Images and Texts

Images of Hades
    Margot Peet and Thomas Hart Benton:

More on Thomas Hart Benton:

Homerís Book of the Dead (Odyssey 11)






Platoís Myth of Er

numeric intervals (journey of a thousand years)

transmigration of the soul

reward and punishment


divine immortality

Vergilís Book of the Dead (Aeneid 6)

golden bough

comprehensive picture of Tartarus and Elysium








Traditional Elements of Hadesí Realm

three judges Minos Rhadamanthys and Aeacus

five rivers: Styx (hate), Acheron (woe),, Lethe (forgetfulness), Cocytus (wailing) and Phlegethon (fire)

Charon the ferryman













Joachim Patinir
Charon's Boat, 1515-24




Cerberus the watchdog








Hermes Psychopompos











In the Modern World

    Astronomy: Pluto and Charon





rock bands:

computer software:

Cerberus spelaeological society:

A 19th century battleship:



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