Amphora's in Worshipping Athena Chapter 6

Chapter six discusses Panathenaic Amphoras/vases. Inscriptions, testimonia, and vases/amphoras were all given as prizes for the Panathenaic games, but amphoras are the easiest to find. These amphoras were all black figured and many were inscribed. There are 200 extant vases so inscribed. The pictures on the amphora's always included Athena armed and brandishing a spear. Many show her striding left between two Doric columns with roosters/cocks on top. These vases were over 60 cm high. Those which were not inscribed have none or only one column. These columns are ionic and support vases, owls, or panthers instead of cocks. As far as prizes for the Panathenaic games, most were of precious material or goods. Prizes of money and gold were given to winners of music contests. Shields were given for the contest of manliness, which was not specified. Olive oil was given for athletic contests and horse races. The Panathenaic Amphoras were filled with olive oil, a precious commodity.

Panathenaic Amphoras also show the events for which amphoras were given as a prize. They showed boxing, wrestling, running, horse riding, chariot driving, and javelin from a horse.

The Panathenaic Amphoras are relevant to our class because they relate to Athena and women as vessels. These amphoras prominently display Athena and her strength. They were given as prizes for games held in Athens, her city. These amphoras are vessels, just like women we know, i.e. Pandora.