Neils, Jenifer, ed. Worshipping Athena: Panathenaia and Parthenon. Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1996.


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Members of Prof. Sienkewicz's Classical Mythology class at Monmouth College prepared summary statements for the following chapters of Worshipping Athena. To access these summaries, please click on the title.

Part I. Myth and Cult
1. Theseus and Athenian Festivals - Erika Simon
(Reporters: Rachel Kautz, Heather Whiting, Nyi Htoon.)
2. Athena's Shrines and Festivals - Noel Robertson
(Reporters: Travis Figanbaum, Anna Grissom, Wendy Wilhelm)
3. Women in the Panathenaic and Other Festivals - Mary R. Lefkowitz
(Reporters: Beth Stannke, Angie Myers, Karen Valentas, Brigit McGloon)

Part II. Contests and Prizes
4. Group and Single Competitions at the Panathenaia - Alan L. Boegehold
(Reporters: Will Jameson, Luke Raymond, Robert Cristobal, Mike Frantz)
5. Gifts and Glory: Panathenaic and Other Greek Athletic Prizes - Donald G. Kyle
(Reporters: Sreeju Kartha, Jill Gunkel, Amy DeBaillie)
6. Panathenaic Amphoras: The Other Side - Richard Hamilton
(Reporters: Page Domikaitis, Sheri Jirgl, Bill VanLeeuwen)
7. Shield Devices and Column-Mounted Statues on Panthenaic Amphoras: Some Remarks on Iconography - Michalis Tiverios
(Reporters: Nicole Housman, Karla Anzelone, Anne Jensen, Jennifer Williams)

Part III. Art and Politics
8. Pride, Pomp, and Circumstance: The Iconography of Procession - Jenifer Neils
(Reporters: Carl Polillo, Mariah Sexton, Nikki Rozanski, Rebecca Jesukaitis)
9. The Web of History: A Conservative Reading of the Parthenon Frieze - Evelyn B. Harrison
(Reporters: Ann Maksymowicz, Molly Keefe, Dara Pagel, Molly Hardersen)
10. Democracy and Imperialism: The Panathenaia in the Age of Perikles - H. A. Shapiro
(Reporters: Bethany Bresley, Anna Schlemmer, Catina Smith.)

SPECIAL BONUS: Athena in Ovid's Metamorphoses
Prepared by students reading selections from the poem in Latin: Zina Lewis, Scott Osburn, Joe O'Neil, Ryan Rumppe