Apollo and Daphne



1.)    What does Apollo say to Cupid which makes Cupid so angry?


2.)    How does Cupid reply?


3.)    What does this conversation suggest to you about Roman attitudes towards their gods?


4.)    Describe Cupidís two arrows. How are they different in appearance and effect?


5.)    How is Daphne like the goddess Diana?


6.)    What does her father ask her for?


7.)    What does she ask him for instead?


 8.)    What does this conversation suggest about the relationship of fathers and daughters in Rome?


9.)    To what does Ovid compare Apollo as he catches sight of Daphne?


10.)       What risks does Apollo tell Daphne she runs if she does not slow down?


11.)          How does Apollo identify himself to Daphne?


12.)       To what does Ovid compare Apollo and Daphne as the god chases her?



13.)       Describe what each part of Daphne becomes as she turns into a tree.


14.)         What happens when Apollo puts his hand on the trunk of the tree which once the girl he loves?



15.)      How does Apollo decide to show his everlasting love for Daphne?