Study Questions for Hesiod's Theogony

1. How does Hesiod begin his song?
2. What do the Muses tell Hesiod?
3. Describe the origin of the Muses.
4. Describe the Muses' visit to Olympus.
5. Describe the gifts the Muses give to a prudent king.
6. In Hesiod's creation story, what is born first? What are her offspring?
7. Describe the relationship between Gaia and Ouranos.
8. Who are the children of Gaia and Ouranos?
9. Describe the relationship between Gaia and Kronos.
10. What things are born from the blood of Ouranos' genitals?
11. What are the children of Night?
12. What does Kronos do to his children and why?
13. How and why does Rhea save Zeus?
14. What is the story of Atlas?
15. Why was Zeus angry at Prometheus?
16. What evil does Zeus contrive for human because of the theft of fire?
17. Describe Hesiod's attitude towards women.
18. Who are Gyges, Briareos and Kottos?
19. Describe the battle between the Titans and the Olympians.
20. How does Hesiod describe the hall of Hades?
21. Where does Zeus ask Iris to get water for the golden jar? How is this water important?
22. Who is Typhoeus? What is his relationship with Zeus?
23. Describe Zeus' relationship with Metis and its consequences.
24. Who was Zeus' second wife and who were her children?
25. Is there any pattern to the seven principal wives of Zeus in the Theogony? I.e., why does Zeus have all these wives?

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