The Magical Earth Maiden Pattern

from A Feminist Re-envisioning of Mythic Imagery
Terry D. Johnson University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

The pattern, which for reasons which will become obvious, we called the Magical Earth Maiden.

1. A young orphaned girl, on the brink of womanhood.
2 lives in a remote place of power.
3. The maiden does not usually travel; she may be carried off by an evil female.
4. The Maiden is possessed of a power but may not realise it.
5. The power may be symbolised by a token, ring, necklace, or jewel.
6. The Maidenís power is transformative, healing, or creative connected to the earth.
7. She may be threatened by a powerful rival female who turns out to be a witch.(See #3)
8. She may have a wise mentor who teaches the arts of the earth and to use her attractive power prudently. The mentor is often her deceased mother.
9. The Maiden attracts a young male, often a prince or a person of power and prestige.
10. The Prince may already be on a quest, which may be the rescue of the Maiden; or he is set a quest by the Maiden.
11. The Prince needs help from the Maiden and she gives it.
12. The quest is completed successfully and the pair are united in a bond of friendship, familial love or marriage.