Dionysus, Pan Echo, and Narcissus
Morford and Lenardon, Chapter 11


The Birth, Childhood and Origins of Dionysus

    Semele and Zeus

(Dionysus and the Theatre)






The Bacchae of Euripides


Other Opponents of Dionysus

    Women driven mad: daughters of Proteus and Minyas. Also the women of Thebes
    Lycurgus (entwined in grape vines and driven mad)

The Nature of Dionysus, His Retinue, and His Religion

    See this list of Dionysian terms and vocabulary

Dionysus and Icarius and Erigone

Dionysus' Gift to Midas of the Golden Touch

Dionysus and the Pirates

    Homeric Hymn #7

In the Modern World

    Krewe of Bacchus (New Orleans Mardi Gras)

    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

        The Birth of Tragedy  (1872)

            Dionysian vs. Apollonian

    Rush's Hemispheres (About the Group / Lyrics)


Echo and Narcissus In the Modern World

John William Waterhouse 1903

Modern Narcissus



    Narcissism / Genetic Trait / the flower myth / the flower

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