Study Questions for Lefkowitz's Women in Greek Myth
Chapter 2: "Powers of Primaeval Goddesses"

1.       1. What roles do goddesses play in the Greek myths of creation of the world? What powers do they have? What powers do they not have?

2.       2. How is the role of the goddess in the Greek succession myth different from her role in the Babylonian and Hurrian creation myths (pp. 18-19)?

3.      3. How and why did ancient Greeks worship the goddesses? (pg. 19)

4.       4. Who is the goddess Hecate and why does Hesiod give such prominence to her in his poem? (pp. 19-20)

5.       5. How are the powers of Greek goddesses different from the power of gods? (pg. 21)

6.       6.Why do Hesiodís gods especially respect those goddesses who remain celibate? (pp. 22-23)