Study Questions
for Chapter 6 of Lefkowitz' Women in Greek Myth
"Seduction and Rape"

1. List several ways scholars have interpreted the myth of Eos. Which one does Lefkowitz think is more likely to be right? Why? (pg. 71)

2. What distinction does Lefkowitz make betwwen abductions made by gods and humans? (pg. 72).


3.) What means do gods primarily use to abduct mortals? (pg. 73)


4.) According to Lefkowitz how does Eos' abduction of young boys compare to a god's abduction of mortal women? (pg. 73).


5.) Describe the stages of abduction of a mortal by a god. (pp. 73-76).


6.) What do the gods do to make abducted lovers compliant? (pg. 77)


7.) Why do few Eos vases show her abducted lovers in a state of contentment? (pg. 78)


8.) What are the typical consequences on mortals as a result of such an abduction? (pg. 78-80)


9.) What purposes did paintings of abductions on vases serve, according to Lefkowitz? (pp. 80-81).