The Southeast Region is happy to announce that, at the invitation of the Department of Classics at the University of Florida, the 2006 meeting of CAMWS will be held in Gainesville, Florida. The Southeast Region thanks Secretary Treasurers Gregory Daugherty, Anne Groton and local committee members Timothy Johnson, H-F Mueller and Jennifer Rea for their efforts. CAMWS members interested in a sneak preview of the accommodations awaiting them may visit the hotel and conference center web site:




Classics continues to thrive in Florida at all levels. High school teachers of Latin are in demand, and the winters are sunny and warm -- so why not consider coming on down?


In addition to reminding people of Florida's exceptionally pleasant climate, Floridians work hard to train their own Latin teachers. Both Florida State (Tallahassee) and the University of Florida (Gainesville) continue to train (locally) numerous cohorts of undergraduates and graduate students for secondary teaching positions.


Of interest to Latin teachers generally, the University of Florida announces new graduate distance programs that allow Latin teachers to earn the M.A. and Ph.D., no matter where they reside, as well as to take the courses they need for certification and recertification. The Department of Classics at the University of Florida is also pleased to announce that out-of-state teachers may now apply for tuition remission that permits them to pay tuition at the in-state rate (currently $565 per graduate-level course). Further information about the University of Florida's graduate distance programs in Classics may be found on line (naturally): Inquiries may also be directed to Graduate Distance Coordinator Molinarius (aka Hans Mueller) by email:


It is not too late to register for the University of Florida's annual Two-Week Summer Institute for Latin Teachers, July 7-18. Credits earned over the summer may be combined with distance courses offered during the fall and spring terms. This year's topic will be Livy on early Rome. For further information, please see:


The University of Florida can also assist prospective Latin teachers. Last fall, the Department of Classics, in cooperation with the College of Education, offered a distance course in teaching methods in Latin, which, as many know from bitter experience, is a course required for initial certification, but often very hard to find. The course syllabus (based on Southeastern Region CAMWS member Rick LaFleur's excellent book, Latin for the 21st Century: From Concept to Classroom) may be found at the following site:


The Department of Classics at the University of Florida takes this opportunity to thank Rick LaFleur publicly for all his support and advice, both in putting this course together as well as in assembling the various components of Florida's graduate distance programs, an example of regional cooperation.


CAMWS members Laurel Fulkerson (Florida State), Jeff Tatum (Florida State), H-F Mueller (Florida), and Svetla Slaveva-Griffin (Florida State) offered workshops for Latin teachers at the joint annual meeting of the Florida Foreign Language Association and Classical Association of Florida (FFLA/CAF) in October 2002. In addition to their collectively accessible erudition, several announcements were made that deserve wider publicity. Svetla currently edits the Latin Bulletin, news of Classics at all levels in Florida. Current and recent issues of the Latin Bulletin are available on line at


The Florida State University was additionally host to numerous distinguished speakers and two conferences this past year, including, most recently, a conference on Horace and Aristotle in honor of the retirement from Florida State of CAMWS member Leon Golden. Sincerest congratulations and  best wishes are extended to Leon for a long, productive, and healthy retirement! For details about upcoming conference activity at Florida State seet:




Florida may precede Georgia alphabetically, but the commitment of Rick LaFleur and the Department of Classics at the University of Georgia (Athens) to Latin teachers has been long, and remains unstinting and deserving of the highest praise. Information about Georgia's summer programs for Latin teachers are available on line:


And, the University of Georgia is, of course, home to the Classical Outlook, an essential resource for Latin teachers in North America:


The Department of Classics at the University of Georgia publishes a beautiful on-line newsletter with details and photos of many of their recent programs, available at


South Carolina


The University of South Carolina (Columbia) currently offers a Master of Teaching in Latin as well as undergraduate programs leading to certification. Further information may be found at:


News of Classics at Furman University (Greenville) can be had from the lively pages of their departmental web site: