Teaching Latin to Elementary School Students:
An Annotated Bibliographic Resource

by Martha G. Abbott and Virginia M. Barrett

This bibliography accompanies a paper entitled  Inner-City Latin Programs Raise Reading Scores.

Charleston Latin, gr. 4-6 (Revision of Los Angeles Language Transfer Project.) Word roots, dialogues, Latin readings: Roman family and mythology, songs, games, b/w illustrations, two-day workshops. University of Charleston.

Discovering Languages: Latin (series includes French, Spanish, German, and Italian) gr. 3-6. Dialogues, thematic units: numerals, parts of the body, days of the week, months of the year, classroom, animals, colors, puzzles, and games. Color illustrations and Roman culture units. AMSCO School Publications.

First Latin: a Language Discovery Program, gr. 4-7. Most widely used American program emphasizes word roots and daily life. Thematic units: numerals, parts of the body, astronomy, calendar, mythology, Roman Empire. Latin stories: family living in Rome. B/w illustrations and games. Prentice Hall.

The Keepers of Alexandria, interdisciplinary and multicultural program, gr. 4-6. Latin stories about an Ethiopian family living in ancient Alexandria. Culture: ancient mathematics, science, literature, philosophy, biography, geography, and history. Trade routes to China, India, Africa and the Middle Ease. B/w illustrations, slides and audiotapes. Five-day methodology workshops. Montessori Teacher Partnerships.

Latin and Classics for Children and Their Families, gr. 3-6. Latin stories about classical mythology and family life in Pompeii. Two-year curriculum includes cultural units: mythology in painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, games, and crafts. Cambridge University Press.

Minimus: Starting Out in Latin , fr. 3-6. Most widely used British program. Latin dialogues about a family and pets living in Vindolanda, Roman Britain. Culture: history, daily life and mythology. Color illustrations. Workshops in Britain. Cambridge University Press.

Salvete!: A Course in Latin, gr 5-6. Multicultural Latin stories about a roman family living in ancient Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Culture: history, biography, daily life. B/w illustrations. Five-day methodology workshop on the Cambridge Latin Course, a related middle school text. Cambridge University Press.

This material was posted in the web with the permission of the authors by Tom Sienkewicz, chair of the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin. If you have any questions,  please contact him at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois 61462. (309) 457-2371. toms@monm.edu.

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