2007-2008 National Officers                                     


Megale Prytanis: Jasmine Merced-Ownbey

Beta Pi at the University of Arkansas


Megale Hyparchos: Jes Geary

Alpha Mu at the University of Missouri


Megale Grammateus: Elizabeth Torresson

Zeta Beta at Temple University


Megale Chrysophylax: Sarah Ruff

Epsilon Iota at the University of Florida


Executive Secretary                                                    


Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Gamma Omicron (Monmouth College)




Seat Figure Statue from Poggio Civitate Archaeological Excavations at UMass Amherst.





2007-2008 Board of Trustees                                  


Martha Davis (Chair)                  Zeta Beta

                                                      (Temple University)


Sister Thérèse Marie Dougherty Beta Kappa

                                                      (College of Notre Dame         of Maryland)


Joseph Garnjobst                          Eta Delta

                                                      (Hillsdale College)

 Daniel Levine                              Beta Pi

                                                      (University of Arkansas)


David Sick                                    Beta Psi

                                                      (Rhodes College)


Honorary Trustees                                                  


Brent M. Froberg                          Gamma Omega (Baylor         University)

W. W. de Grummond                  Eta (Florida State       University)

Wayne Tucker                              Beta Theta                  (Hampden-Sydney     College)





Friday March 28th:


3:00- 4:00pm Leaving from Campus Center Hotel Lobby

Walking tour/ orientation of Amherst


6:00-7:00pm Herter Hall 5th floor

Registration and Reception


7:00-9:00pm Herter 227

Opening Remarks and Certamen


**Attendees will be on their own for dinner. Please refer to the enclosed guide for ideas.**



Saturday March 29th:


8:00-9:00am Bartlett Hall Atrium

Continental Breakfast


9:00-11:00am Bartlett 65

First Business Meeting

            Megale Prytanis Jasmine Merced-Ownbey, presiding


1.      Minutes of the 79th Annual Convention

            Megale Grammateus Elizabeth Torresson

2.      Reports:

                  Chapter Reports

                  Reports of Contests

                  Reports of Scholarships   

                  Report of Megale Chrysophylax  Sarah Ruff

                  Report of Megale Hyparchos Jes Geary

  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
  3. Bids to host the 81st Annual Convention
  4. Nominations for 2008-2009 National Officers

** A 10 minute break will be announced during this session.**



11:00am-12:00pm Bartlett 65

Student Paper Presentation


  • Zachary Good, Eta Delta (Hillsdale College)  “Ripped up by the Roots:  Sophocles' Antigone and the Fall of the House of Oedipus”  

  • Kira Jones, Zeta Iota (University of Georgia)  “Golden Rain:  Imagining the Self in Terence's Eunuchus”


  • Jes Geary, Alpha Mu (University of Missouri) “Pulling the Strings of Isis and Serapis”



12:00-12:45pm Lunch Bartlett Atrium

Committee Meetings

  • New Chapters Bartlett 201
  • Finances Bartlett 202
  • Contests and Scholarships Bartlett 206
  • Convention Site Bartlett 207
  • Program Bartlett 203
  • Resolutions Bartlett 203
  • Officers Bartlett 205





12:50pm Buses Depart from Haigis Mall


1:20-4:30pm: Exploring the Pioneer Valley:

The afternoon will be divided into different sessions

      There will be two sessions for the hike and the       museum trip, the first bus is at 12:50 and the second       bus is at 2:30, both leave from Haigis Mall




1. Mt. Holyoke Art Museum


2. Hike Up Bare Mountain


3. Afternoon Movie (Jason and the Argonaught, Lysistrata, etc) (SOM 137)


4. Ceres Comics Exhibit and create your own Classical Comic.   Their will be a contest for the best comic, the winner will be announced at dinner (Bartlett Hall)


5. Roman Gaming Table (Bartlett Hall)


4:30-6:45pm Break


6:45pm Amherst Room Campus Center 1009

      Roaring 20’s Costume Contest


7:00pm Amherst Room

      Formal Banquet







7:45-8:15pm: Amherst Room

      Certamen Award

      Paper Award

      Service Award

      Comic Award

      Life Time Achivement Award: Dr. Kenneth Kitchell


8:15-8:35pm Amherst Room

      The House of Many Doors: a life in the Classics

      by Kenneth Kitchell


Sunday March 30th

8:00-9:00am Bartlett Hall Atrium

Continental Breakfast


9:00-11:00am Bartlett 65

Second Business Meeting

            Megale Prytanis Jasmine Merced-Ownbey, presiding


  1. Chapter T-Shirt Contest
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Report of the Executive Secretary, Thomas J. Sienkewicz
  4. Report of the Chair of the Board of Trustees
  5. Election of 2008 Convention Site
  6. Election of 2007-08 National Officers
  7. Installation of Officers



Closing Remarks








            Epsilon Omicron would like to acknowledge the follow groups and people for their help supporting, organizing, and hosting the convention:


Dr. Ralph Hexter, President Hampshire College

Dr. Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Dr. Marios Philippides

Dr. Rex Wallace

Lisa Marie Smith, Classics Secretary

The Faculty of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Classics Department

Mr. Joseph Lynch, Franklin High School

Mt. Holyoke Art Museum

Amherst Camber of Commerce

UMass Art Department

Past and Current Members of Epsilon Omicron


We hope that you enjoyed your stay in the Pioneer Valley, and we hope to see you again real soon.


-Epsilon Omicron Convention Committee

Andrew Carroll

Kelsey Whiting-Jones

Jesse Sawyer