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The following materials are available from the ICC Teachers' Materials Exchange. For further information, please use this form or contact Anna Dybis  at

1. Crossword Puzzle: "Quis Est?" (deities) by Elisa Denja, $l.00.
2. Useful Latin Quotations (6 pp.) by Bernice Fox, $2.25
3. Some Law Terms from Latin by Bernice Fox, $l.00
4. Some Latin Phrases in Use in Standard English (3 pp.) by Bernice Fox, $l.50
5. Some Colloquial Latin Idioms, Most from Plautus and Terence (2 pp.) by Bernice Fox, $l.25
6. Latin Mottoes--Governmental, Academic and Military, (2 pp.) by Bernice Fox, $l.25
7. Classical Chicago: Juppiter et Alii. Slide show of l02 gods and goddesses in Chicago architecture and public sculpture, $90.00 to rent ($75.00 deposit refunded upon return) or to purchase. Contact Marilyn Brusherd, 134 A West Park Avenue, Sugar Grove, IL 60554-2285 (Telephone: 630-466-7654).
8. Mythological Art In Florence, a comprehensive 7-page listing (covering public monuments, the Boboli Gardens, and museums) which Tom Sienkewicz handed out at his 1994 ICC presentation, $2.50
9. Classical Mythology and the Burlington Railroad. The bibliography which Steve Pilewski handed out at his 1996 ICC presentation, $1.00
10. Discussion of the Roman Calendar and Festivals with modern dates for ancient happenings (10 pp.) by Marilyn Brusherd, $3.50
11. Worksheet for "Walking through The Labors of Hercules" in 38 Latin Stories (5 pp.) by Virginia Hellenga; $2.00

Materials (except for #7) can be ordered from Anna Dybis for the Teachers' Materials Exchange at 404-53rd St., Western Springs, IL 60558.

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