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The Eighty-First Annual






March 27-29, 2009

Memphis, Tennessee

at the invitation of

Rhodes College


2008-2009 National Officers                                     


Megale Prytanis: Jesca Scaevola

Alpha Mu at the University of Missouri at Columbia


Megale Hyparchos: MaryBeth Banovetz

Eta Delta at Hillsdale College


Megale Grammateus: Rori Smith

Zeta Beta at Temple University


Megas Chrysophylax: Bryan Behl

Epsilon Iota at the University of Florida


Executive Secretary                                                    


Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Gamma Omicron (Monmouth College)


















2008-2009 Board of Trustees                      


Martha Davis (Chair)               Zeta Beta

                                                   (Temple University)


Sr. Thérèse Marie Dougherty   Beta Kappa

                                                   (College of Notre Dame            of Maryland)


Joseph Garnjobst                       Eta Delta

                                                   (Hillsdale College)

 Daniel Levine                           Beta Pi

                                                   (University of Arkansas)


David Sick                                 Beta Psi

                                                   (Rhodes College)


Honorary Trustees                                      


Brent M. Froberg                          Gamma Omega (Baylor University)

W. W. de Grummond                  Eta (Florida State       University)

C. Wayne Tucker                         Beta Theta                  (Hampden-Sydney     College)






Friday, March 27th


5:00-7:00pm 1st floor Lobby, DoubleTree Hotel



6:30-7:00pm  Iris/Rose Room



7:00-9:00pm Iris/Rose Room

Opening Remarks and Certamen


**Attendees will be on their own for dinner. Please refer to the enclosed guide for ideas.**



Saturday, March 28th



Buses Depart DoubleTree for Rhodes College


8:30-9:00  Barret Library 051, Rhodes College



9:00-11:00am Barret Library 051

First Business Meeting

            Megale Prytanis Jesca Scaevola, presiding


1.      Minutes of the 79th Annual Convention

            Megale Grammateus Rori Smith

2.      Welcoming Remarks, President William E. Troutt, Rhodes College

3.      Reports:

                  Chapter Reports

                        Report of Contests

                  Report of Scholarships

            Report of Megas Chrysophylax  Bryan Behl

                Report of Megale Hyparchos MaryBeth Banovetz

Old Business

New Business

Bids to host the 82nd  Annual Convention

Nominations for 2009-2010 National Officers

** A 10 minute break will be announced during this session.**


11:00am-12:00pm Barret Library 051

Student Paper Presentation


·         Left at the Altar: Eurydice’s Suicide in the Antigone  

MaryBeth Banovetz, Hillsdale College


·         The Tomb of Trimalchio in the Context of Roman Freedmen

Jessica Wise, Kenyon College


·         A Study on the Gladiatorial Games

Katy Chenowith, Baylor University


Honorable Mention

·         Child Sacrifice in Ancient Carthage

Madeline Ware, Hamilton College


·         “Sweeter for Me Will Always be the Word Friend”:  Marriage and Heloise as Philosopher

Megan Grundtisch, College of Wooster


12:00-12:45pm Lunch Hyde Hall, Rhodes College Refectory

Committee Meetings

  • New Chapters Alburty Room
  • Finances Hyde Hall
  • Contests and Scholarships Hyde Hall
  • Convention Site Hyde Hall
  • Program Hyde Hall
  • Resolutions Brooks Room
  • Officers Cambridge Room


1:00-2:00pm Frazier-Jelke A-B-C

 Preparatory Lectures for Afternoon Trips


·          MLK, Jr. and the Heroic Vision (Frazier-Jelke A), Prof. Joe Jansen, Department of Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

·         Classical Myth and Art in the Brooks Museum (Frazier-Jelke B) Prof. Glenda Swan, Department of Art, Rhodes College

·         The Heroon of Elvis (Frazier-Jelke C), Prof. Kenny Morrell and Prof. Susan Satterfield, Department of Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College


2:15-5:30pm   Walking in Memphis/We’re Going to Graceland


Buses depart from the Mallory Gymnasium Lot and take participants to either the Brooks Museum of Art, Graceland, or the National Civil Rights Museum, as pre-registered.  We regret that we cannot accommodate changes.  Buses will not return to Rhodes.


5:30pm Return to DoubleTree Hotel


6:45pm Grand Ballroom, DoubleTree Hotel

      Certamen:  Vir aut Femina Vestita Splendidissime


7:00pm Grand Ballroom

      Formal Banquet


7:45-8:15pm Grand Ballroom

      Certamen Award

      Paper Award

      Service Award

Life Time Achievement Awards: Dr. Adam D. Blistein. Executive Director, American Philological Association; Ms. Alice Sanford, Hume-Fogg Academic School, Nashville, TN


8:15pm Grand Ballroom

Plenary Address

·         David M. Robinson: Archaeologist and Collector

Aileen Ajootian, Department of Classics, University of Mississippi


9:00pm  Grand Ballroom

      After Dinner Presentations

·         An Artistic Performance of Cicero's De Senectute

William Storm, University of Iowa


·         Stairway to Homer:  Adapting Rock Lyrics in Attic Greek

Nathan W. Self, College of William and Mary











Sunday, March 29th

8:00-9:00am Iris/Rose Room, DoubleTree Hotel

Continental Breakfast


9:00-11:00am Iris/Rose Room

Second Business Meeting

            Megale Prytanis Jesca Scaevola, presiding


  1. Chapter T-Shirt Contest
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Report of the Executive Secretary, Thomas J. Sienkewicz
  4. Report of the Chair of the Board of Trustees
  5. Election of 2009 Convention Site
  6. Election of 2008-09 National Officers
  7. Installation of Officers


Closing Remarks



Beta Psi would like to say thank you, thank you very much to the following groups and people for their support in organizing, and hosting the convention:


William E. Troutt, President, Rhodes College

Michael Drompp, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rhodes College

Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Executive Secretary, Eta Sigma Phi

Kathy Foreman, Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

Prof. Joseph Jansen, Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

Prof. Kenny Morrell, Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

Prof. Susan Satterfield, Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

Prof. David Sick, Greek and Roman Studies, Rhodes College

Prof. Glenda Swan, Department of Art, Rhodes College

Prof. Aileen Ajootian, Department of Classics, University of Mississippi

Search Program, Rhodes College

Officers of Beta Psi:  Mary Ellen Dumas, Allie Marbry, Kelly White, Stephanie Wilson, Mackenzie Zalin

Past and Current Members of Beta Psi



Contact Numbers                                   


Allie Marbry, Chair of Local Committee, (901) 237-5553

Mackenzie Zalin, Local Committee, (831) 917-4174

David Sick, Greek and Roman Studies, (901) 301-5696