Calling for meeting at the Public Square on December 29 to repudiate all previous Party preferences and stand upon the broad basis of opposition to slavery and its aggressions, are willing to unite themselves in defense of the Liberties and Rights of all classes and co-operate as a Republican party:

J.B. Miller
John Young
N. Cecil
Nathan Brown
Andrew Gailey
Edward Jones
S.R. Moore
J.B. Herbert
A.C. Gregg
A.H. Tracy
Thomas Pierce
Samuel McRusk
William Cameron
John W. Collins
J.C. McCreary
C. Hamin
Erastus Rise
P.F. Hogue
A.M. Heovey
James Burk
T.W. Beers
Samuel Cunningham
A. M'Crery
Joseph Tinkham
James L. Scott
David Turnbull
James W. Scott
John Mannon
E.S. Scott
J.P. Giles
N. Wilson
Woods A. Masey
J. McCreary
W.C. Maley
French Brownlee
William J. McCoy
Wm. Muncy
Wm. Fleming
T.G. Allen
J. Maley
T.C. Weiley
W.R. Love
Robert Harris
John Brownlee
J.H. Mabry