Eta Sigma Phi (Classics honorary society)

Prof. Urban has been a long-time member. The position for which he was hired in 1966 specified the ability to teach Greek and Roman history. As one of J.A.R. Larson's last undergraduate students, Urban was well prepared for the task. He has been a close friend of Professor Bernice Fox, whose dedication to the field of Classics has guaranteed its survival through the darkest days to the prosperity of today.

He has spoke at the National Convention twice, most recently in the spring of 2001.

Preparations for the coin cleaning program. The coins are largely 4th century, unearthed near Split in Croatia. That was the site of Diocletian's palace, which Urban had visited in 1986.

He has also spoken to the state Latin contest participants when they were on campus; and to the Illinois Classical Conference when it met here in the fall of 2002.

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