1994 Review Atlas stories from France and Germany: Normandy, Chateau Gaillard, Then and Now; D-Day Plus Seven, A Sizzling Paris, It's a Small World; Genealogical Research; Economic Struggles in Europe, too; Impressions of Germany

Stories about the Czech Republic: The Field Trip; Brno; Back to Brno; Czech Castles; Romantic Masterpieces; Moravia I*; Moravia II*; Prague 1990 and 1994; The First Protestant: A Protest Song; Judge on Trial; Arts; Toilet Paper; Tradition; Reconstruction; Tourists; Vienna; Bratislava; Post Goulash Communism

Clippings from the editor's Floor (unprinted essays) I: Unimaginable Unprounceables; Being an American; The Energy of Youth; Spectacles.