ERASTUS RISE, 1840, 1844

by William Urban

Erastus Rise, Sr., was born in Massachusetts in 1786. He came to Warren County, according to the Old Settler Association records, July 7, 1837. The census of 1840 shows him in Lenox township, with a son 20-30, and what appears to be a daughter 20-30 and a daughter 10-15. He does not appear in the Census of 1850.

On July 6, 1834, he purchased a lot on the corner of block 8 (Archer and North A); on November 2, 1839, he purchased lot 2 of block 5, but sold it January 22, 1840; on March 2, 1839, he purchased lot 6 on block 5 (middle of east side of 1st Street between Archer and Boston), only to sell it January 20, 1840; that same day he purchased lot 3 of block 5, which adjoined the previous property. October 23, 1843, he purchased lot 6 on block 13 (300 block East Broadway).

He was probate judge 1843-1849.

He presided over a number of weddings in 1847-1848 (Atlas, Oct 8, 1847; April 28, 1848; Sept 1, 1848), and spoke in defense of County Clerk Daniel McNeil at his trial in January 1847 on charges of having altered county records and of negligence in office. (Atlas, Jan 14, 1847). McNeil was acquitted, but admonished to take better care of the records.

Pioneer cemetery stones show two burials: Winfield S. Rise, Sept 18, 1849, and John, July 19, 1842, sons of E & S Rise.

The census of 1850 shows Erastus Rise, Jr. a farmer in Warren County, born in New York in 1812-1813, with wife, Sarah, 36, and four children (Silvester and Aaron, 18 and 16 born in Ohio; Stephen and Elisa, 11 and 3 born in Illinois) and a laborer; in 1860 he was a distiller in Oquawka worth $10,000 in real estate and $1000 in property. His father and a brother were living with him. By 1870 he had moved to Sagetown, but his father was apparently no longer living.

William S. Rise married Mary Godfrey December 30, 1852, in Warren County.

On December 29, 1855, an Erastus Rise was listed in the Atlas among those anti-slavery citizens who founded the Republican Party in Warren County.