by William Urban

The 1877 Warren County History contained this passage: In 1829  "came Hezekiah Davidson, wife and 10 children--Alexander, Elijah, Helena, Irene, Benjamin F., James W., Cornelia Ann, Solomon P., Ellen S. and Thomas H.  They located on section 16.  Of this family only Thomas H. and James W. Davidson are living."1 Several of his relatives went to Oregon on the Davidson-Butler wagon train.

The Atlas (July 2, 1847) reported that a letter was waiting for him at the post office and on Oct 6, 1848, noted his presence at an important trial of A. McBride on charges of selling liquor.

The census of 1850 note that he was  a lawyer worth $3000, born in 1813 in Kentucky; his wife, Mary E, was born in Kentucky in 1823-4. Their children were all born in Illinois: Thaddeus in 1839, Jessie P. in 1846, Lucy E. in 1848. Living next door was Thomas H. Davidson, born 1822 in Kentucky and his wife, Elizabeth Ann, born 1826 in Kentucky. Thomas had joined Wyatt Stapp's company of Mounted Volunteers for the Mexican War (Atlas, Oct 1, 1847) and written his brother a letter from Jalapa (Atlas, March 10, 1848) describing the situation there.

Of his activities as mayor, research is incomplete as of yet.

The census of 1860 gave a value of $10,000 on his real estate. Thaddeus (T. C.) was living at home, a railroad agent. Jessie, Lucy (1852), and Kate (born 1856) were living at home.

The census of 1870 indicated real estate worth $7000 and property worth $1000. A daughter, Pearly, had been born 1858.

He was still in Monmouth for the census of 1880, an attorney whose parents were born in North Carolina and Kentucky; Mary's parents came from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Children living with them were: Kate, born 1854, Stephen W, born 1862, Julius M, born 1865. One servant girl was in the home.

 His wife was buried in Monmouth, with the following dates on the tombstone: July 2, 1823-May 13, 1908.

1 Hezekiah DAVIDSON , Gunsmith. (Alexander II) was born about 1773 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He died about 1841 in Warren County, Illinois. Hezekiah married (1) Lettice ISBELL, daughter of Jason Livingston Isbell ISBELL Sr., on 15 Oct 1795 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Lettice was born about 1774 in Virginia. She died 1805 in Warren County, Kentucky. They had the following children: + 38 M i. John DAVIDSON was born about 1800. Hezekiah also married (2) Eleanor WILSON on 24 Nov 1800 in Warren County, Illinois (an error, it was in Kentucky). They had the following children: 39 M ii. John DAVIDSON was born 1800 in Kentucky. 40 M iii. Elijah DAVIDSON was born 1808 in Kentucky. 41 M iv. James W. DAVIDSON was born 16 Sep 1813 in Kentucky. 42 M v. Solomon DAVIDSON was born 1815 in Kentucky. 43 M vi. Alexander DAVIDSON was born 1817 in Kentucky. 44 M vii. Thomas H. DAVIDSON was born 27 Aug 1823 in Kentucky. 45 M viii. William B. DAVIDSON was born 1825 in Kentucky. http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~genea/Dzalexellis.html