In 1964, Urban bicycled across France, from Freiburg to Frankfurt, then by train across the GDR to Berlin. He resumed his trip in Hamburg, touring Holstein, then going south to the Alps, back north along the Romantic Road to the Rhineland, then back to Hamburg, where he entered the university.

In 1990 he and Jackie took day trips along the Elbe and Danube Rivers, and in 2000 a day trip in Bavaria.

His daughter Ilsabe rode from Holland to the Alps and back on her honeymoon. Elke learned to pass cars on downhill runs in the Rockies. Karl has been known to relax by doing the M&M trail (Monmouth to Little York & back) in an hour or even swifter runs over to Galesburg and back.newphot.jpg (28840 bytes)

He is still often to be seen cycling around campus.  Seven bikes hang from his garage roof.

 1997 photo.

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