1. Pierre Juvenal was a native of Roure in the province of Var. That little town 1554 meters above sea level in the valley of the Pragel River had a 13th century castle ruin and a church in fine condition. It was a traditional refuge for religious minorities. He married Marie Gautier.

2 i. Pierre

2. Pierre Juvenal (Pierre 1) went to England about 1685. Nov. 12, 1690, he married Marie Maillard in the Huguenot Church of Threadneedle Street in London. She was the daughter of Jacques and Sussanne Maillard of d'Angeruille in Normandy.

3 i. David

3. David Jouvenal, Sr. (Pierre 2) was born in England in 1706. He emigrated to Philadelphia in 1752 aboard the ship Phoenix arriving November 22nd. The clerk wrote down his name as David Jugnal. Most of the passengers were Huguenots, and had taken ship at Rotterdam and Cowes. He died Sept. 15, 1768, and was buried in St. Michael's Evangelical Church in Philadelphia. His widow was buried in Jan. 19, 1785, in the lower burial ground at Germantown.

4 i. David Jr.--b. 1730.

ii. Maria--m. Frederick Belliker in the German Reformed Church in Philadelphia, Oct. 12, 1786. (She may not be his daughter, but the daughter of his son, or even Jean's widow.)

4. David Juvenall (David 3) was born in England about 1730. He may have arrived in America with his father on Nov. 22, 1752 in Philadelphia. He married Anna Maria Frey before 1756. On March 1, 1768 he married Dorothea Sanders in the German Reformed Church of Philadelphia. He paid taxes in the city in 1774, accompanied by his son, John. There is record of a David Dubenshall who was in Capt. Myra's militia company from Northern Liberties in December of 1776. He served in the Trenton campaign. About 1778 he moved to Northumberland Co. His land in Mahoning township was valued at 266 pounds. Later tax rolls indicate his property consisted of 240 acres, two horses and two cows. He was still living there at the time of the census in 1790, but very soon afterwards he moved to Kentucky. He died in Ross County, Ohio, May 1, 1806. His son, John, managed the estate, and guardians were appointed for his son, Jacob.

5 i. Jean Pierre--born May 24, 1756; bapt. June.

6 ii. John Nicholas--bapt. Oct. 19, 1760.

7 iii. David--b. 1765.

8 iv. John--b. July 14, 1769.

v. Conrad--b. May 10, 1774; bapt. May 23, 1774.

vi. Maria--b. April 23, 1776; bapt. May 19, 1776.

vii. daughter--b. before 1790.

There are some female Juvenals who may be his daughters:

Sarah--m. Wm. Hagenbottom Jan. 25, 1816 in Ross Co., Ohio.

Dorothy (Polly)--b. in Kentucky in 1799; m. David Beauchamp in Pike Co., Ohio, August 30, 1819 in the Methodist Episcopal Church; they moved to Vermillion County, Indiana about 1826-9; she died March 14, 1851.

daughter--m. James McLees of Sharoville, Ross Co., Ohio.

9 viii. Jacob--b. 1792 in Kentucky.

ix? Madison--b. 1800.

5. Jean Pierre (David 4) was born on May 24, 1756 in Philadelphia. He is probably that John who accompanied David to pay taxes in 1774. He married Maria Schmidt in St. Michael's Evangelical Church in Philadelphia, Oct. 27, 1776.

i. Nicholas--d. April 16, 1784; marker in lower burial ground in Germantown, Pa. says "Nicholas Juvenal child." Not proven to be Jean's child, but David was living in Northumberland county, and no other Juvenal was yet married, unless perhaps Nicholas.

6. Nicholas Juvenall (David 4) was baptized October 19, 1760, in St, Michael's Evangelical Church (German Reform) in Philadelphia. He married Susanna Bussier, daughter of Bartholomew and Judith Raybolt Bussier, before May 27, 1787. His father-in-law was a Huguenot starch maker and he entered into that business. In 1790 he appeared in the First Census in West Northern Liberties, a suburb of Philadelphia. The 2nd Census found him there still, with a female over the age of forty-five living in his household--probably either his mother or mother-in-law. Presumably the two males, aged 16-26, who were not mentioned in the 1st Census, are her children. His family grew at a steady pace, one child every two years. He became a prominent starch and hair powder manufacturer on Old York Road near Noble, and was listed in the Philadelphia directories from 1802-1816. He was buried August 4, 1814, and his wife was buried June 25, 1823.

11 i. Bartholomew--b. March 17, 1788.

ii. daughter--b. about 1784.

iii. Maria--b. 1785-1790.

iv. daughter--b. 1785-1790.

12 v. Jacob--b. April 20, 1791; bapt. May 2,1791.

vi. son--b. 1790-1795.

vii. Mary Ann?--b. 1790-1800.

viii. Eliza--b. Dec. 3, 1797; m. Joseph Leaher, Oct. 16, 1822.

ix. Anna Louisa--b. Nov. 28, 1799; m. Dr. Nicholas Van Crede, May 30, 1816.

x. son--b. 1795-1800.

xi. daughter--b. 1800-1810.

xii. daughter--b. 1800-1810.

xiii. Julia Ann--b. Feb. 11, 1809; bapt. Feb. 27, 1809.

7. David Juvinell (David 4) was born about 1765, probably in Philadelphia. He moved to Kentucky with his father shortly after 1790. The 3rd Census (1810) found him living in Nicholas county, Kentucky. Probably he helped rear his brother Jacob. Certainly a Jacob Juvinell served in the Kentucky militia in 1813. David witnesses a sale of land by John Juvenall in 1819. The land was in Pike county, Ohio, and was sold to a Nicholas county resident. He moved to Daviess County, Indiana, and married Elizabeth Stephens Dec. 9, 1833. (b. 1802) When he died in September 1846, the widow remarried to a poor and elderly farmer, James Peachee.

(check this) Darcus--m. William Powell, July 5, 1815, Nicholas County, Ky.

i. daughter--b. 1794-1800.

13 ii. James--b. 1804 (identification not certain).

iii. Sarah?--b. 1800-1810.

iv. Dorothy?--b. 1800-1810.

v. daughter--b. 1800-1810.

vi. Patsy--b. 1800-1810; m. Jessie Harris.

vii. Susan--b. 1834 in Ind.; about 1854 m. Haram Hegshead, a wealthy farmer.

viii. Jane?--m. Jefferson Perry.

8. John Juvenall (David 4) was born July 14, 1769 in Philadelphia. Census records indicate the date approximately 1761, a time in keeping with the family tradition that he died at the age of eighty-four. In 1778 his parents moved to Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, and in about 1790 to Kentucky. In May of 1806 he was executor of his father's estate in Ross county, Ohio. Probably he continued to live on the farm there. The Census of 1820, the first to survive for Ohio, located him in Pike county (which had been a part of Ross county earlier). He sold his lands in 1825 and in 1827 appeared in Vermilion county, Illinois. He was the second settler in Pilot township, and probably named Pilot Knob after a prominent rise in Beaver township of Pike county. He filed for two pieces of land (Sec. 7, township 20, R. 12; amd Sec. 12, township 20, R. 13) on July 28, 1828. Records in Vermilion county suggest that he died between January 1, 1845 and June. Though one source names his wife Polly Caughron, more reliable ones call her Mary.

14 i. David--b. 1800 in Kentucky.

15 ii. Andrew--b. May 3, 1803 in Ohio.

16 iii. James--b. Oct. 15, 1806 in Ohio.

iv. Eliza--b. about 1810; m. John Yeager, a neighbor from Pike county, Ohio, January 27, 1827, in Vermilion county, Indiana.

17 v. Josiah--b. 1814 in Ohio.

vi. John--b. 1810-20 in Ohio according to the Census of 1840; m. Sarah Ann Busick in Vermilion county on March 3, 1840. Cemetery records, however, indicate that he died Nov. 16, 1862, aged 54! He is always listed as John, Jr. till summer of 1845, apparently the time of his father's death.

vii. G. M.--b. 1815-1820. (These initials are given by a very inaccurate source. They may refer to James Madison. See Madison 10.)

9. Jacob Juvenall (David 4) was born in Kentucky in 1792. It is probable that the family was then living in Nicholas county where his uncle, David Juvinell, resided two decades later. He was still a minor when his father died in 1806 and guardians were appointed by the court. Quite likely he was sent to live with his uncle, because Jacob Juvenall appears as a private in Capt. George Botts' company of Kentucky Mounted Militia from August to November of 1813, and was at the Battle of the Thames, where the American army defeated the British and Tecumseh's Indians. By 1820 he had returned to Ross County, Ohio, and purchased land for a tannery at Richmondale. The Census of that year shows that he and his wife had a male and female relative only slightly younger living with them. His sister married James McLees, a merchant in nearby Sharoville. Jacob had married Hester Meeker, a daughter of Hesakiah Meeker and Anna O'Dell. He died May 1, 1824, and was buried in Richmondale cemetery. His widow married John Sigler. She survived until August of 1882.

i. Anna Marie--b. Dec. 19, 1819 at Richmondale; she married Darius Waters in April of 1834, and was a resident of Fayette county for sixty-two years; d. July 25, 1900, at Washington Courthouse, Ohio.

18 ii. Jacob--b. January 29, 1823.

10. Madison Juvenile (Madison or John 8) was born in Ross county, Ohio. When he enlisted in Co. G, of the 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry on August 11, 1862, he gave his age as 45, and in 1882 on his pension papers later indicated it was 63. The examiner only noted that he "should not have been enlisted." It is likely he did not know his own age. He was unable to sign his name as late as 1882. The census of 1820 recorded that Jacob Juvenall had a male relative living with him. If that person were Madison, then descent from David #4 is very likely. Madison married Sarah Ann Higgins in Hillsboro on Oct. 15, 1840. She was born 1821, the daughter of William Higgins, and granddaughter of the Revolutionary War hero of the same name who held 1050 acres of bounty land in Highland County. Madison was a miller in Clinton and Highland counties for many years, and was a farmer in 1862. He died in Greenfield, Ohio, August 22, 1888, and is buried there with a marker. His widow died July 3, 1907.

19 i. Joseph--b. Dec. 17, 1842.

19a ii. Thomas--b. 1844.

iii. Henry

iv. belle--m. Charles Hitchcock of Akron, Ohio

v. John was a painter in Greenfield, Ohio.

vi. George was a painter in Greenfield.

vii. Annie

viii. Jeannie--m. George Reed.

11 Bartholomew Juvenal (Nicholas 6) was born March 17, 1788 in Philadelphia. He married Sarah Groves in the First Reformed Church May 13 (or 15), 1810. He took over the business of manufacturing starch and hair powder, and in 1815 opened at a new location at Margaretta and New Market Steets. He died October 9, 1854, and is buried in Monument Cemetery in Philadelphia.

i. Susan Ann--b. March 22, 1811; d. Aug 15, 1825

ii. Eliza--b. Jan. 5, 1813; d. Jan. 23, 1898.

iii. Jacob--b. 1816

iv. Ann

v. Margaret

vi. Emily--b. March 18, 1822; m. Jacob C. Faunce on Jan. 7, 1844 in St George's M.E. Church in Philadelphia; d. Dec. 31, 1897.

12 Jacob Juvenal (Nicholas 6) was born April 20, 1791 in Philadelphia. According to the city directions, he entered into the grocery business at York and Noble streets, probably in a building adjoining his father's starch manufactory. He joined the family business in 1816, and cared for his younger brothers and sisters after his father's death. He moved his location twice, in 1823 to near Callam Hill on Old York Road, and in 1829 to Ridge Road and Green. In 1837 he was listed as "gentleman" and his home address was at Coates and 10th and 2 Franklin Row. He died June 17, 1854, and is buried in Monument Cemetery.

i. Abraham--b. 1816

20 ii. William M.--b. 1815.

iii. A.M.--b. 1810-20; was a superintendant.

iv. son--b. 1810-20.

v. daughter--b. 1810-20.

13 James Juvinall (apparently son of David 7. Census records of Kentucky indicate David had a son born 1800-1810. Census records of Indiana and 1840 and 1850 list him as born in Kentucky. Other Juvenals are accounted for.) was born in 1804.

He and his wife, Jane settled in Monroe county, Indiana about 1830 and were still living in 1850.

i. daughter--b. about 1820.

ii. daughter--b. 1820-25.

iii. Isabella--b. 1830 in Indiana. (Iowa)

iv. Martha--b. 1833 in Indiana.

v. John--b. 1830-35. One census indicates 1826.

vi. Rachel--b. 1837 in Indiana.

vii. Cynthia--b. 1842 in Indiana.

21 viii. William--b. 1844 in Indiana.

14 David Juvenall (John 8) was born about 1800 in Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Huff, Oct. 17 1821 in Ross county, Ohio. In 1827 he accompanied his father to Vermilion county, Illinois. In 1829 he purchased land in Pilot township. Sometime after 1830 he moved to Iowa, then to Ogle county, Illinois, where he had land valued at $1520 in 1850. He died there before 1860. His widow survived him and was living with their daughter at that date.

i. daughter--according to Census of 1830, born 1810-15.

22 ii. Abraham--b. 1823-4 in Ohio.

iii. Mary--b. 1825; m. William Ferydon in Ogle county.

iv. Prudence--b. 1828.

v. daughter--b. 1825-30.

vi. Rachel T.--b. 1835.

15 Andrew Juvenall (John 8) was born in Ohio, May 3, 1803. He married Mary James in Ross county, Ohio, September 22, 1825. In 1827 they migrated with his father in a Conestoga wagon to Vermilion county, Illinois. A teamster, he went the first wagonload of goods to Chicago. Three years he went Wisconson to break sod for pioneers there. He purchased 300 acres of land in Vermilion county at $1.25 an acre, and watched it grow in value to $2400 in 1850 and $4000 in 1870. His personal estimate doubled in value in value to $1000 by 1870. In 1873, however, he suffered great losses when the cattle market collapsed, and he was forced to sell all but 130 acres. Still, he was condsidered a wealthy man at the time of his death Jan.15 1878. His wife had died Nov.4, 1874.

23 i. John--b. Jan.28, 1828 in Illinois.

ii. Amy--b. Sept.27, 1829; m. Matthew Barrickman (Barkman), April 5, 1846; d. Oct. 7, 1876.

iii. Mary--b. Sept. 1832; m. John Farnsworth, Jan. 31, 1850; d. June 11, 1861.

24 iv. David McMurty--b. March 18, 1834.

25 v. James--b. Oct.14 1835.

vi. Mahala--b. 1837; m. Demarquis Wyman, April 9, 1860.

26 vii. Austin--b. June 7, 1843.

27 viii. Andrew--b. Oct. 5, 1850.

16 James Juvenal (John 8) was born Oct. 14, 1806 in Ohio. He came to Vermillion County, Illinois with his father in 1827. In 1829 he purchased land in Pilot township. In 1832 he served in the Black Hawk War, though no records remain of proof. He married Dorcas Smalley, daughter of Benjamin Smalley, Oct. 27, 1831. In 1848 his father-in-law and his brother-in-law, Enoch Oxley, convinced him to migrate to Texas. Dorcas died in childbirth in Ashley, Missouri, during the trip. After settling in Williamson county, Texas on June 30, 1850, he married the widow of Freeman Smalley, Jr., Mary Ann (Nancy) Smalley, and took her children into his large family. After his death in or about June of 1861, she married Cornelius Purcell.

i. Mary Elizabeth--b. 1835-40.

28 ii. William--b. Sept. 22, 1834.

29 iii. James Calvin--b. January 4, 1837; known as "Cul."

iv. Cynthia Ann--b. 1840; m. Bartlett Asher, June 14, 1855; they were involved in the cattle business with her brothers for many years, living at Baxter Springs and in Russell county, Kansas.

30 v. Josiah--b. June 20, 1841.

31 vi. Benjamin--b. 1843-4.

32 vii. John--b. 1849 in Ashley, Missouri.

viii. Rachel Mariah--b. 1852; m. Charles Purcell, Oct.23, 1873.

ix. Tabitha J.--b. 1854; m. W.C. Parsons, Dec. 22, 1873.

x. Minerva--b. 1856.

xi. Margaret--b. 1858; m. Henry I. Snow, July 24, 1876.

xii. Levi Asher--b. August 1860; d. April 1863.

17 Josiah Juvenall (John8) was born in March of 1814 in Ohio, probably in Pike county. He came to Vermillion county, Illinois with his parents in 1827. In 1835 he bought 110 acres in Pilot township near his father's land. On September 29, 1836, he married Elizabeth Collision, who had also been born in Pike county. Her parents were prominent early settlers and gave their name to the community in which many Juvenalls have resided to the present day. Josiah ran for Justice of the Peace in 1843, but was not elected. He died May 7, 1855.

i. Mary Emiley--b. July 29, 1838; m. Franklin M. Canaday, Jan. 3, 1856; d. Nov. 25, 1857.

ii. Mariah J.--b. 1843; m. Alexander Canaday, Dec 7 (9), 1858

iii. William Asbury--b. Sept. 9, 1845; he married Sarah Isabel Snider, daughter of Martha and Enoch Snider, Dec. 24, 1863; she died Sept. 30, 1864, aged 17; he served in the 135th Infantry, C0. D., in Missouri, May 5, 1864 to Sept. 28, 1864; d. April 18, 1865.

iv. Mary (Amanda) Caroline--b. 1848.

18 Jacob Juvinall (Jacob9) was born January 29, 1823, in Ross county, Ohio. Courthouse records prove that he was educated in the simple country schools a few months a year until high school, when he moved to the city and lived with a family. In 1837 hew began to work with his uncle, James McLees, in the store in Sharovill. In May of 1846 the moved to Upper Sandusky and founded a partnership. Two years later he bought out his uncle, sold the goods at auction, and purchased an interest in a steam ship on Lake Erie. That business failed, and he turned to farming. He soon had cattle on 400 acres of land near Upper Sandusky. February 5, 1851, he married Emily Robbins, daughter of Nathaniel P. and Laura Nash Robbins, natives of Massachusetts and Vermont. His obituary in the Chief of May 16, 1893, said: "Jacob Juvinall is no more. He has joined the innumerable throng beyond Jordan's waters. His death occurred at his residence north of this city at 2:30 o'clock last Saturday afternoon, and was caused by tubercular consumption. His illness commenced last October and he has been virtually confined to the house since the holidays. While the announcement of his demise was not expected, it elicited many an expression of sincere regret, for Mr. Juvinall was an estimable citizen and an honored pioneer, worthy in every way of the respect in which he was held by everybody, and he was not only known in Upper Sandusky, but all over the county....Mr. Juvinall's worth as a citizen dates back to the early days of this city's history, when he was extremely active in its business affairs, and as much helped build the foundation of its mercantile interests, for he actively helped it from infancy to maturity. He was preeminently an agriculturalist and stockman, and the examples he set in these important industries have been fruitful of great good in a material and progressive sense, for his methods were of inestimable value to others. He was deeply interested in the Wyandot County Agricultural Society, and in past years was a valued and efficient member of its board of directors. Although frequently importuned to accept the Presidency of the board,, he preferred always to work in the ranks and the vice-presidency was the highest executive office he could ever be induced to accept, and even while not a member of the board, he was ever interested in the success of the society, to inculcate an improvement in agricultural pursuits. He was also an honored member of the Pioneer Association. James G. Roberts, president of the First National Bank, who was an intimate friend of Mr. Juvinall, says of him: "Mr. Juvinall was a man strongly attached to his family, top his friends and acquaintances. He was very congenial and hospitable in his treatment of people and a man who took a great deal of interest in his church matters. His moral character was above reproach and his honesty was never questioned."

i. Alice--b. Dec. 25, 1851; d. August 14, 1853.

33 ii. James A.--b. Nov. 24, 1854 (1853?).

34 iii. Charles D.--b. Sept. 23, 1855.

35 iv. Jacob H.--b. Jan. 25, 1858.

v. Mary Emily (Kitty)--b. Aug. 14, 1859; grad. Upper Sandusky High School in 1877; m. George Rosengrant; moved from Mobile, Alabama, to San Diego, California in the 1920's; d. 1954 or 1955.

vi. Hester A.--b. Nov. 5, 1864; grad. Upper Sandusky High School in 1882, m. the Rev. Durimus Hayes, who was associated with Northwestern University for many years; d. 1952.

vii. Martha May (Minnie)--b. May 27, 1867; grad Upper Sandusky High School in 1886; never married; lived in San Diego until her death in 1958.

19 Joseph B. Juvenile (Madison 10) was born Dec. 17, 1842. Reared in Highland and Clinton counties in Ohio, he joined Co. G. of the 11th Ohio Volunteer Infantry July 9, 1861, and gave distinguished service throughout the war. He returned to Greenfield, Ohio, and became a housepainter. For many years he was his ward's representative in the city council, on the board of the water and electric boards, and generally active in civic affairs. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias, the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and the G.A.R. In 1867 he married Emeralda Maddox. He died June 28, 1911, and is buried in Greenfield.

i. Fred

ii. Maud--her son Ralph was born Nov. 15, 1896 in Greenfield, served in WWI, and moved to Cincinnati; he married Frieda Rose in 1927 and was in the construction business. She says he was "one of the most wonderful people who ever lived." Suffered a stroke January 9, 1972, and now in a nursing home. He is a Methodist and a thirty-second degree Mason.

iii. Mary--m. Willis Harper.

iv. Charles--was an electrician in Greenfield.

v. Howard

19a. Thomas (Madison10) was born May 17, 1844. Married Matilda Smith, Franklin, Ohio, Feb, 1868. She died Feb 10, 1897. Married Elizabeth Slatzer, June 13, 1907. Died Sept 27, 1933. Columbus, Ohio.

i. Minnie--b. Dec. 14, 1868 and married Mr. Pfleager.

ii. Elsie--b. February 3, 1874.

20 William Wharton Juvenal (Jacob12) was born in Philadelphia in 1815. A prominent attorney, he married Hannah Gordon Benezet. He died of heart disease at his residence, the Girard House, January 8, 1877.

36 i. Jacob Benezet--b. Sept. 15, 1850.

37 ii. Theodore--b. 1851

iii. William Anthony--b. 1853; d. Nov. 24, 1890.

38 iv. Samuel A. 1857.

21 William Juvinall (apparently son of James 13, but not proven conclusively) was born in Indiana in 1844. He and Mary E., his sister (born 1843), were living with Samuel Shannon (b. 1780) in Redding township, Jackson County, Indiana in 1850 and 1860. His wife, Permilia, was born in Kentucky in 1847. They were living in Daviess county, Missouri in 1880. A Mary Jubenall is listed as having married a John Stoked in the county, March 5, 1854.

39 i. James H--b. 1865 in Missouri.

ii. Emma--b. 1867 in Missouri.

40 iii. William--b. 1870. in Missouri.

iv. John--b. 1872. in Missouri.

v. Carrie--b. 1874 in Missouri.

22 Abraham Juvenall (David 14) was born in Ohio 1823-24. He came to Vermillion county, Illinois with his parents in 1827. He apparently moved to Iowa as young man, then to Ogle county in Illinois. His wife, Fannie Miller, was born in Nunda, New York in 1823. His land near Byron, Illinois increased in value from $200 in 1850 to $2000 in 1860 and $4000 in 1870. He had a similar increase in personal property to $3000 by 1870. He died sometime after that date. Fannie was living with her daughter in 1880 and lived until Aug. 23, 1906. the family burial plot is in Kishwaukee, but no markers survive. Relatives listed in Fannie's obituary included a Mrs. William Brown.

i. Helen--b.1849.

ii. Mary--b. 1850.

iii. Hale--b.1853.

iv. Frank--b.1856-7.

23 John C. Juvinall (Andrew 15) was born Jan. 2, 1828. November 10, 1845 he married Elmira Barickman (Barkman). Five years later he borrowed money from his uncle , Josiah Juvinall, to buy land in Pilot township. The one hundred thirty-four acres were valued at $1000. The note for $591.67 became important after Josiah died. At that time John was at Des Moines, Iowa. He wrote: "I now inform you that my self and little familey is in tollerable health at this time and I hope when these few lines cumes to hand they may find you and familey all in in good health. I have nothing particular to rite to you about this cuntry. i spent last season six or 8 months atraveling to the south and back. i am a poor hand to rite." He returned to Vermillion county, and had disposed of his real property before he died Oct. 7, 1861. Except for a cow, a horse, a wagon, and a set of blacksmith tools, he had almost nothing left. His widow married Jacob Workhiser, Nov. 24, 1863.

i. Mary E--b. Nov. 21, 1844; d. Oct. 24, 1845.

ii. David W.--b. April 11, 1846.

iii. Mahala (Mathilda)--b. March 11, 1849; m. Robert Snowden of Russell county, Kansas; reportedly died in Battle Creek, Mich.

41 iv. John Wesley--b. Sept 21, 1850.

v. Rachel T.--b. Feb. 9, 1850?; d. Nov. 21, 1851.

vi. James B.--b. March 27

vii. Hannah Maria--b. April 9, 1854.

viii. Mary B.--b. June.

ix. Andrew P.--b. Jan.11, 1855; d. Oct. 22, 1857.

x. Austin Patrick--b. 1858.

42 xi. Isaac Riley--b. Dec. 1859.

xii. Anna--b. 1862; m. Joseph Weldon, a cowboy from Russell county, Kansas, Aug.13, 1878, in Danville, Illinois; d. in Russell, Kansas, a few years later.

24 David McMurty Juvinall (Andrew 15) was born March 18, 1834. On April 27, he married Amy Fairchild (listed as Nancy in the Census of 1860). In 1855 he purchased land in Pilot township. He died April 18, 1862, and was buried in the Old Collision cemetery.

i. Wright--b. 1856; apparently died young.

ii. Hannah J.

iii. Hattie Belle (Harriett)--b. Oct. 3, 1860; m. George Clayton Shockly, June 14, 1879; d. Dec 7, 1942.

iv. Alice Sarah--b. Feb. 19, 1862; m. Frank O. Porter, June 24, 1879; d. 1940.

25 James Juvinall (Andrew 15) was born in the Juvinall settlement at Pilot Grove, Oct. 14, 1835. He attended a subscription school in a log building, sitting on slab benches and warming himself by the immense log fireplace. A long writing bench reed upon wooden pins driven into the wall, and light was admitted by removing one lf the logs covering a greased paper aperture. His family being one of the earliest in the county, he was reared in the frontier. According to the long account in The Past and Present of Vermilion County, Illinois (Chicago, 193), "He felled trees and broke prairie sod for his father until age twenty-three, by which time little prairie remained. He saw Indians and prairie wolves in his youth. He trapped wolves, hunted deer and turkey, and worked on the farm. March 6, 1858 he marries Eliza J. (Louisa) Abbott, a daughter of James and Nancy (Ogden) Abbott, pioneer settlers of Vermilion count. He founded his home on one hundred and thirty acres in Blout township, and built his holdings up to three hundred acres, though some was lost in later reverses. About 1892 he rented his land out and moved to Danville, where he was a partner in the implement business. Later he moved to Denmark, Illinois, for one year, and then retired to a home in Blout township. In his old age he often recalled the stories of his youth, how he had used flint and tow to build fires or go to a neighbor for coal, how he once knew nearly every person on the roads between Danville and Chicago, how he plowed by hand, and bound his wheat the same way. He would tell of driving an ox team to Chicago with a load of apples, camping along the way, a trip requiring ten days; or selling corn for eight cents a bushel. He was an active church man, interested in spreading the Methodist Gospel, and forty years a class leader in the local church." He was an abolisionist, and reputedly freed the slaves he owned, afterwards maintaining a lasting friendship with them. He served in two units during the Civil War, the 135th Infantry in Missouri in 1864 and the 150th during 1865 in Georgia. He died September 22, 1903.

i. Mary Belle--b. March 7, 1859; d. April 14, 1860.

43 ii. Henry Harrison--b. 1862.

iii. Francis Americas--b. 1864; m. James Hamilton Smalley, April 7, 1880; d. July 3, 1925.

iv. Matthew--d. young

v. Andrew--d. young

vi. James A.--b. 1868; d. young

44 vii. David Edward--b. 1870.

45viii. DeMarquis (Mark)--b. Oct, 31, 1873.

ix. Josephine (Nancy Elizabeth)--b. Nov. 19, 1879; known as "Jossie;" m. Robert Rogers, Jan 23, 1901; d. 1948.

x. Evalina May (Maude)--m Winfred Claude Smith, Oct. 16, 1898.

26 Austin C. Juvinall (Andrew15) was born in Vermilion county, Illinois, June 7 (or Jan. 15), 1843. He married twice, first to Samantha Laflen, on Oct. 28, 1869, who died Dec. 26, 1881, and second to Margaret Faulkener (Maggie J. Falconer), Feb. 24, 1884. He was a tax assessor, tax collector, and school teacher as well as a farmer. In 1870 his land was valued at $2200, and personal property at $1700. He served in the Civil War, in the 135th Infantry, Co. D, which was on garrison duty in Missouri in 1864. He died in Collison, Illinois, Nov. 29, 1904.

46 i. Charles Grant--b. May 19, 1872.

ii. George Verne--b. Nov. 15, 1885; m. Nellie Synder, Oct. 9, 1907; d. Sept. 10, 1963.

47 iii. Oliver Glen--b. May 8, 1886?

iv. Ora Myrtle--b. June 24, 1888; m. Lewis Lane, Nov. 24, 1910; d. Jan. 21, 1971.

48 v. James Robert--b. April 21, 1890.

27 Andrew Juvinall (Andrew 15) was born Oct, 1850, in Vermillion county, Illinois. He married Susan M. Laflen, Oct. 15, 1872; she died Dec. 23, 1880. His second marriage was to Belle (Selinda) Laflen, Dec. 23, 1881; she died Sept. 21, 1943. He was a farmer, and died in Bismarck, Illinois, Jan. 11, 1930.

49 i. Charles Franklin--b. Sept. 28, 1873 in Collision, Ill.

ii. Ida Belle--b. Aug. 28, 1876; m. Ernest Brown, Nov. 14, 1894; d. Nov. 21, 1950.

50 iii. James Matthew--b. Dec. 4, 1883.

iv. Bertha Edith--b. Nov. 27, 1887; m. Russell Smith, Oct. 23, 1905.

v. Virginia Inez--b. Sept. 14, 1889 in Higginsville, Illinois; m. Palmer A. Rush, Nov. 30, 1911.

28 William Juvenal (James 16) was born in Vermillion county, Illinois, Sept. 22, 1834. At the age of fourteen he went to Texas with his family by wagon. He was a teamster for many years, hauling goods from Houston to Georgetown. July 12, 1855, he married Mary C. Asher, but she apparently died soon afterwards. April 27, 1857 he married Margaret Harris, daughter of James Gwinn Harris (1819, Franklin, Tenn.--1895, Hutto, Texas) and Elizabeth Vineyard (April 22, 1822 in England--Aug. 25, 1885). He was living with his in-laws in 1860. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted in the Williamson county unit, but did not re-enlist after it was dissolved. He is supposed to have taken an ox-train to El Paso to supply Confederate troops there. Perhaps that is the wagon train to Monterrey mentioned in the county history. After the war he abandoned the hauling business and joined his brothers in driving cattle north. He made his last drive to Abilene in 1870, afterwards turning to farming. He apparently bought his relatives' shares of the family land, and then made additional purchases in 1883 and 1887. Some of this he rented out. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He died Dec. 19, 1897.

i. Mary Catherine--b. Oct 14, 185?; m. Thomas Bowles, Dec.13, 1882; d. Feb. 5, 1921.

ii. Susan Anna--b. Oct. 13 185? m. J.T. Goosby, Feb. 10, 1881; d. 1937.

51 iii. James William--b. Aug 24, 1860.

iv. Elizabeth--b. July 14, 1865; mm, J.W. Moore, Jan. 12, 1887; d. Sept. 30, 1932.

v. Emma J.--b. Nov. 22, 1867; m. Early F. Harkins, July 28, 1886; d. March 8, 1932.

52 vi. Tobit--b. Sept. 28, 1871.

vii. Austin

ix. Etta--bb. Feb. 22, 1874; m. Mr. Stark; d. April 26, 1923.

53 x. John--b. May 14, 1883.

29 James Calvin Juuvenal (James 16) was born in Vermillion county, Illinois, Jan. 4, 1837. His family moved to Texas in 1849. On Feb. 12, 1857 he married a native Texan, Martha Allen, daughter of James B. Allen and Nancy McNutt. Her grandfather, Major Robert McNutt was hero of the Battle of San Jacinto. Known by everyone as "Cul" Juvenal, he went north when the Civil War began, and returned afterward to become a prominent cattle drover. He sent herds from Texas to Kansas, and to Illinois and Indiana, working with his brothers and relatives. He was among the first cattlemen into Abilene and Wichita. From 1870 to 1886, he had a ranch in Russell county, Kansas. In 1879 he divorced Martha (who refused to live in Kansas), and married Jennie Cating (Caton) that April 20. He died in Osborne county Sept. 21, 1890. In 1934 his body was moved to McCracken, Kansas. He was called Cul from his adopted middle name, Culbertson.

i. Cynthia Catherine--b. 1858 in Williamson county, Texas; Known as "Kitty;" m. S. Heggy Tritt, June 3, 1880, in Russell county, Kansas.

ii. James T.--b. 1860 in Texas; m. Ednie E. Carrier, Nov.15, 1885, in Russell county, Kansas; living in Sedalia, Missouri, up to 1900 as agent of firm of Scofield, Shurmer and Teagle; reportedly had a large family. Lived in San Francisco 1921-30?

54 iii. Joseph Martin--b. Nov. 9, 1861, in Round Rock, Texas; known as "Tommy Ryan," and "Dick."

iv. Edgar T.--b. 1869 in Williamsport, Indiama; m. Lenna V.. Watson in Osborne, Kansas, Oct. 15, 1898; d. Echo, Oregon between 1935 and 1937.

v. Eva May--b. 1872 in Wiilliamsport, Indiana; m. William Rowe.

55 vi. Benjamin Franklin--b. 1875-6 in Williamsport, Ind.

56 vii. John Robert---b. June 110, 1880, in Russell county, Kansas.

viii. Harry Culbertson--b. Jan. 13, 1882 in Russell county, Kansas; moved from Bazine to McCracken in 1919 with his mother; retired from farming in 1952, and died Oct. 28, 1954.

57 ix. Louie Mack--b. May 22, 1884 in Russell County, Kansas.

x. Pearl--b. 18878 in Kansas; m. Chester Eno.

30 Josiah Juvenal (James 16) was born in Vermillion county, Illinois, June 20, 1841. He came to Texas with his family in 1849. October 24, 1861, he enlisted Co. C of the 3rd regiment of the 7th Texas Volunteer Calvary, but soon left for Illinois. Feb. 5, 1865 he joined the Co. K of the 150th Illinois Infantry, and was sent to Georgia on occupation duty. He was discharged Jan 16, 1866 in Atlanta. He retuned to Texas and joined his brothers in droving cattle north. He probably met his wife on one of these drives, because he was married at one trail terminus, in Baxter Springs, Kansas, March 10, 1872, to Mary Ann Coulter. they were living in Russell county in 1878 near his brothers' ranches, but had moved by 1880. From 1886 to about 1890 they were at Pocatello, Idaho, but later were at Sawtelle, California in Los Angeles county. He died there April 2, 1905, survived by his widow until April 25, 1922.

i. Fred--b. Dec. 18, 1874.

ii. Walter--b. Dec. 15, 1884.

31 Benjamin Franklin Juvenal (James 16) was born 1843-4 in Vermillion county, Illinois. his family settled near Hutto, Texas, in 1849. In 1861 he joined the Williamson County Unit, but it was soon disbanded. He then enlisted in the 7th Texas Volunteer Cavalry, and saw action in New Mexico, Arizona, and the Indian territories. He returned home to marry Eliza J. Allen, Nov, 1864. Her brother and cousin had been his comrades-in-arms, and she was the sister of Martha Juvenal, James' wife. James and Ben always worked closely together afterwards. Ben brought many herds up the trail from Texas and to Kansas, and fattened cattle during winter. As trail boss he was noted for his coolness in tense situations. His markmanship was famed locally by the number of eagles he had shot. He had a robust sense of humor. He held a number of local offices in Russell county, Kansas, where he ranched from 1870 to 1886. He died of paralysis in Russell, Oct.18, 1914, on a visit from Bakersfield, California, where he had moved about the turn of the century. Bakersfield records do not mention him, however.

i. Nancy Alice--b. 1866 in Williamson county, Texas; m.

Clinton B. Eberly of Russell, Kansas, Aug. 19, 1882.

ii. Katie (Catherine)--b. 1871 (or 1874) in Kansas.

iii. Nora May--b. 1876 in Kansas.

58 iv. John William--b. Jan. 4, 1879.

v. Cora E.--b. early 1880 in Russell county, Kansas; m. Lum Durfey in Osborne, Kansas, Oct.11, 1899

vi. boy--b. Dec. 23, 1880 in Russell county, Kansas.

vii. daughter--b. Dec. 13, 1881 in Russell county.

VII. C.C.--b. 1883, in Russell county.

ix. S.C.--boy born Feb. 1, 1885 in Fairport, Kansas.

x. Ette M.--b. 1888 in Kansas.

xi. E.R.--b. 1892 in Kansas.

32 John Juvenal (James 16) was born in 1849 in Ashley, Missouri, during his family's journey from Illinois to Texas. His mother died at that time, and in 1850 he was living with Benjamin and Mary Smalley. Presumably after his father remarried, he rejoined his family. He came to Russell county, Kansas, in 1877. Aug. 18, 1881, he married Lavina F. Russell. She moved to Smith county, Kansas, in 1889. The last mention of John was in 1885, when he was listed as a woolgrower in Russell County.

i. T.E.--b. 1882 in Kansas.

33 James Juvenal (Jacob 18) was born Nov. 24, 1854, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. He married Gnettie Smith, Feb. 7, 1882, and lived in his birthplace till his death, Dec. 14, 1892.

59 i. Howard Ralph--b. Sept.16, 1891; m. Paul Wesley Ayers, Dec.29, 1915: lives in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

ii. Helen Irene--b. Sept. 16, 1891:m. Paul Wesley Ayers, Dec.29, 1915; lives in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

34 Charles Juvenal (Jacob 18) was born Jan. 25, 1858, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. He graduated from high school there in 1874. After his wife Lara died, he married Ethyl and resided in South Charleston, Ohio for many years. He died in 1944.

i. Carl--d. at age 21.

35 Jacob Juvenal (Jacob 18) was born Sept.23, 1855 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. He married Tillie Mott Hertzel and resided in Florida.

i. Emily--m. Frank Austin.

60 ii. Harry Jacob--b. Sept. 1, 1896, in Upper Sandusky.

36 Jacob Benezet Juvenal (William 20) was born in Philidelphia, Sept. 15, 1850. He married Lucy agnew Miller (born March 12, 1865: died 1945) in 1888. He died in Coronado, California, in 1938.

i. Anthony Benezet--b. Sept. 15, 1892 at Fort Hamilton, New York. He served in the American Expeditionary Force WWI, and left the army a 1st Lieutenant. He was an industrial engineer who lived most of his life in France. He was a prisoner of the Nazis in WWII.

61 ii. William Williams--b. April 16, 1899.

two sons died in infancy.

37 Theodore Juvenal (William 20) was born in Philadelphia in 1857. he died Feb. 9, 1931.

i. Alma--m. Louis Glover.

ii. Ada.--m. Harry Watson.

iii. Bessie--m. Dominick Roman.

The 1880 Census listed an Anna Juvenal, born in 1877 in Philadelphia, living with her grandfather, Peter Rausch, on Warnoch Street.

39 James H. Juvinall (William 21) was born in 1865 in Missouri. He moved to Venice, California, where he was in the construction business. He married Dora M. Snell (1869-1958) in 1893. He was a carpenter in Grass Valley, California, and died there in the summer of 1942.

63 i. Henry Earl--b. 1894 in Alton, Missouri.

ii. Frankie Albertine--b. 1899 in Gallatin, Missouri; m. Francis Bell; lives in North Hollywood, Calif.

iv. Helen Wiley--b. 1899 in Gallatin,Missouri; (twin); m. Harold Wirtz and divorced; m. James Galahan.

v. Homer Daniel--b. 1904 in Oakdale, Washington;

m. Dovie M. Upton; d. 1968.

vi. Clare Phebe--b.1907 in Oakdale; m. Harold Ingersoll.

40 William Frank Juvenal (William 21) was born in March of 1872 or 1873. He married Olive Glenn Harrod, a native of Alton, Missouri, daughter of John and Ida Harrod, June 8, 1902, and that year moved to Seattle, Washington. He died in Springfield, Oregon, in February of 1965.

64 i. Frank Harrod--b. Aug. 28, 1906 in Teako, Washington. 41 John Wesely Juvinall (John 23) was born Sept. 21, 1850, in Vermillion county, Illinois, but grew up in Iowa. His family returned to Illinois in 1861, and his father died a short time thereafter. He married Rebecca A. Black on June 8, 1871. After her death he married Eliza Ellen cooper in 1875. Not having any future in Illinois because of poverty, he jioned his cousins in Russell county, Kansas, homesteading a quarter section near Fairport. He filed the homestead papers in 1879. in February of 1886 he moved to Pendelton, Oregon, selling several hundred sheep before departing. The home he built stood until the 1930's.

i. Daniel W.--b. 1873 in Illinois.

ii. Laura B.--b. 1874 in Illinois.

iii. Henry C.--b. 1876 in Illinois.

iv. Jacob H.--b. 1878 in Kansas.

v. Roy--b. Jan. 16, 1881 near Fairport, Kansas; living in Pendleton, Oregon, in 1946.

42 Austin Patrick Juvinall (John23) was born in 1858, in Vermillion County, Illinois. He was a farmer all his life, working ninety acres which were in several small parcels. At the time of his death, Nov. 28, 1914, he had two horses, Frank and Topey, and two mules, Kate and Jenny. The rest of his property was one cow, one sow, eighty chickens, and four ducks. The house had three rockers, two lounges, one dresser, and four beds. There was a work wagon and a spring wagon for the family. He had married Ida may Thornsborough on Nov. 10, 1880. Neither was literate, but reading was not necessary for the hunting and farming life they led. He was known to everyone as "Pat" and followed the pioneer tradition of living off the land.

i. Minnie--d. May 4, 1933.

ii. Hattie--m. George E. Dalbee, Feb. 10, 1903; later m. Doug Williams.

iii. Effie--m. Morris Heffernam, Feb. 26, 1902.

iv. Laura--m. George Powell, March 22, 1904; m. Myron Rice.

v. Matt--m. May Fitzgerald, Dec. 18, 1912; m. Mildred Hilb, Aug. 14, 1936; was a carpenter.

65 vi. Forrest

66 vii. Roy--b. Jan 8, 1900.

viii. Myrtle.

67 ix Jack Irvin.

A Mary Juvinall of Danville married Lankford Williams of Blount Township, and moved to Parsons, Kansas in 1915.

43 Henry Harrison Juvinall (James25) was born 1862-63 in Vermillion County, Illinois. He married Esther (Hettie) Conley, daughter of Amos and Louisa Batten Conley, of Williamsport, Indiana, in 1883. At that time he was probably working for Cul Juvenal. He settled in Russell County, Kansas, and on July 5, 1887 filed Homestead papers on land near Fairport. That indicates several years of residence already in Kansas. But shortly afterwards he returned to Illinois. He was a farmer near his birthplace till his death May 1, 1941.

i. Homer--b. Dec. 22, 1884; d. Jan.2, 1905 in an accident while working for the telephone company as a linesman.

68 ii. Orla (Oral) Edward--b. Feb. 28, 1886.

iii. Edna--b. March 30, 1888; d. in infancy.

iv. Mark E.--b. July 8, 1889.

69 v. Wilbur--b. July 30, 1891.

70 vi. Earl William--b. June 4, 1895.

71 vii. Kenneth Paul--b. June 29, 1896.

viii. Thelma--b. Sept. 27, 1898; m. George R. Martin, Dec. 18, 1917.

72 ix. David H.--b. Oct. 6, 1900.

73 x. Banner--b. Feb. 20, 1904.

44 David Edward Juvinall (James25) was born June 17, 1870 in Vermillion County, Illinois. Feb. 25, 1891, he married Martha (Mattie) Goodwine, daughter of John W. Goodwine. He originally moved to California for his wife's health only for the winters, but later settled there permanently. He founded the first telephone company in Monrovia, and incorporated several towns and Los Angeles for long distance. He was also in the lumber business in Monrovia. A devout Methodist, he was active in church work, contributing both time and money. He died in 1955.

i. Helen--Dec. 1891; d. 1896 in Vermillion County, Illinois.

74 ii. John Conroy--b. July 12, 1893.

75 iii. James Cleo--b. April 1, 1895.

iv. Celia L.--b. Nov. 8, 1896; d. 1930.

v. Gladys M.--b. May 23, 1898; m. Lloyd Dunn; d. 1927.

vi. Cordelia L.--b. July 14, 1900 in Jamesburg, Illinois; m. Chester Wilson in 1923; A.B. from the University of Southern California; teacher in California.

vii. Izel I.--b. Aug. 3, 1903 in California; is a music teacher.

76 viii. Paul Edward--b. Oct. 9, 1906 in Illinois.

ix. Myrth Ardis--b. July 18, 1908 in California;

m. Ellford Braxton Smith, Nov. 9, 1929.

x. Myrle E.--b. July 18, 1908; m. Jack Griffin in 1931.

xi. Martha A.--b. June 6, 1912 in Illinois; d. June 19, 1912.

45 D'Marquis Juvinall (James25) was born Oct. 31, 1873 in Vermillion County, Illinois. Named for an uncle, he was commonly called Mark. According to The Past and Present of Vermillion County, he was "one of the enterprising young men of Danville, conducting a loan and real-estate agency in the Illinois Printing Company Building . . . Upon the home farm he was reared and in the district schools he pursued his preliminary education, which was supplemented by two years of study in the schools of Danville. At the age of eighteen he began general farming and stock raising on his own account in Pilot Township. He always kept a good grade of stock and in his agricultural pursuits he was quite prosperous. In August, 1902, however, he left the farm and turned his attention to his present business, dealing in cattle, placing loans, and buying and selling real-estate. He is a very wide-awake, energetic young businessman and carries forward to a successful completion whatever he begins . . . He has served for about three terms as trustee of the church in Pilot township. For a long period he has been connected with missionary work and has done much for the uplifting of his fellow men and contributed liberally to the support of the Gospel. He is interested in everything pertaining to the welfare and progress of the community in which he lives and is one of the standard bearers of the Republican Party, having firm faith in its principles. Living an honorable, upright life, reliable in business and faithful in friendship. Mr. Juvinall is numbered among the prominent, popular, and highly respected citizens of Danville." He married Helen Goodwine, daughter of John Goodwine, August 30, 1892. He died in Los Angeles, California, on March 30, 1942.

i. Dora L.--b. Aug. 25, 1893; d. in infancy.

ii. Reggie C.--b. Nov. 18, 1894; served two years during WWI, 1917-1918; m. Virgale Fox, June 9, 1936; d. May 30, 1970.

77 iii. Reuel G.--b. March 27, 1897.

78 iv. Ralph J.--b. May 5, 1904.

v. Helen--b. Aug. 25, 1908; m. Marshall Burnam, Aug. 25, 1928.

79 vi. Oakley M.--b. May 5, 1911.

80 vii. Edward--b. July 23, 1915.

viii. twin sister of Edward--d. at birth.

ix. Dorothy Arminda--b. June 1, 1917; d. July 18, 1917.

46 Charles Grant Juvinall (Austin26) was born May 19, 1872 in Collision, Illinois. He was a farmer and county official there. Sept. 14, 1892, he married Elizabeth Rout, daughter of Henry and Sarah Connell Rout. He died April 28, 1938, and his widow died in 1949.

i. Nellie Dean--b. July 31, 1883, in Collision, Illinois; m. Clarence Vinson, Oct. 21, 1914.

ii. Leslie Ferris--b. July 23, 1895; m. Maude Grace McLain; he served in WWI as an ambulance driver, and later toured France on a motorcycle; a farmer, he was known as "Jack," and died Aug. 22, 1966.

iii. Vera Corrinee--b. July 23, 1898; m. Gene M. Campbell.

81 iv. Wesley Burton--b. Aug. 22, 1900.

47 Glen Oliver Juvinall (Austin26) was born in Collision, Illinois, May 8, 1886. He was a farmer there all his life. He married Mafray (Mafra) Marble, Sept. 4, 1906. He died on October 13, 1956.

82 i. Virlon Franklin--b. Oct. 12, 1907.

ii. Margaret Jane--b. May 4, 1920.

48 James R, Juvinall (Austin26) was born April 21, 1890, in Vermillion county, Illinois, and died in 1950 in Lakewood, Ohio. He married Edna M. Jester, daughter of Frank and Clara Graham Jester, June 11, 1915. A graduate of Northwestern Law School, he was an attorney and a salesman of law books.

83 i. Robert C.--b. April 11, 1917, in Danville, Ill.

ii. Mary J.--b. Sept. 29, 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio; m. Russell Larson, and lives in North Olmstead, Ohio.

49 Charles Franklin Juvinall (Andrew27) was born September 28, 1873, in Vermillion county, Illinois. He became an ordained minister of the Methodist Church, and was a pastor many years in Springfield, Illinois. He married Laura Judy, daughter of Gabrial Judy, June 19, 1901. He died July 20, 1947.

84 i. Andrew Virlon--b. May 19, 1906.

ii. Frankling Maxwell--b. Feb. 11, 1908; a school teacher of music.

85 iii. Ernest Deland--b. Jan. 21, 1914, in Deland, Ill.

50 James Matthew Juvinall (Andrew27) was bron in Danville, Illinois, December 4, 1883. He married Emma Brant Judy, daughter of Grant Judy, June 29, 1910. He was a physician and surgeon at the U.S. Post Office in Chicago. He died Oct. 20, 1961, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

86 i. James William--b. April 7, 1911.

ii. infant--d. June 6, 1915.

87 iii. John Reid--b. June 13, 1920.

51 James William Juvenal (William28) was born August 24, 1860, in Williamson county, Texas. He lived in Hutto, and on Sept. 30, 1885, married Helen (Nellie) McCormick, daughter of William Henry and Helen Ayers McCormick. She was born April 18, 1865, in Virginia, and died January 31, 1944, in San Antonio. After her husband's death, December 29, 1890, she reared her sons by working in Hutto.

88 i. James Garnett--b. July 1, 1886.

89 ii. Charles Monroe--b. July 3, 1887.

52 Tobit M. Juvenal (William28) was born Sept. 28, 1871, in Williamson county, Texas, and was a farmer at Hutto. He was called Tobias or Tobe. On October 11, 1895, he married Sarah Ellen Johnson. She had been born in Farmington, Missouri, and came to Texas as a young girl. He died February 22, 1939; she died in 1942.

90 i. Bethel T. Juvenal--b. Oct. 5, 1904, in Hutto.

53 John H. Juvenal (William28) was born in Williamson county, Texas, May 14, 1883. He and his brother Tobe remained on the family land, having purchased the shares of their brothers and sisters. His first marriage, to Lillie Estelle , ended in divorce May 2, 1916. He later married Sunshine Copeland. He died July 24, 1956.

i. Francis Marie--b. Dec. 23, 1924, in Hutto; m. Burl Smith, May 15, 1945.

90 ii. John H., jr.--b. April 17, 1927.

54 Joseph Martin Juvenal (James29) was born in Round Rock, Texas, Nov. 9, 1861, according to testimony in court in Russell county, Kansas, in 1882. He often gave other birthdates, some younger, some much older. He was known as Joshua or Richard, but his friends always called him "Dick." He grew up on hi father's rance near Fairport, Kansas. August 22, 1880, he was married to Maggie Fouree in Russell. Under the name Tommy Ryan he won the welterweight boxing championship in 1894, and was widely recognized as middleweight champion from 1897 to 1908. After his retirement from the ring, he toured the country with vaudeville troupes, giving demonstrations of strength and lectruing against the evils of vice, particularly smoking. He died on April 30, 1934, oin tour in Monet, Missouri. His widow, Metta, was living in Clinton, Missouri. He was buried in McCracken, Kansas. The obituary inb the Natoma Independent said he "had visited Natoma several timed, giving his exhibition here at the school. He lived in the early days in the Fairport country, and was an intimate friend of Joe Weldon, Sr., now deceased and often called here to visit him. He is said to have done alkot of good over the country with his lectrues and demonstrations to schools." (This author's grandmother read the above sentiments and said this: "Tommy Ryan made a tremendous impression on your father, and convinced him to live the clean life as he has. he was a very important influence on him as a boy.")

92 i. George T.--b. Aug. 20, 1881.

ii. James Blanchard--b.Aug. 4, 1887 in MaCracken, Kansas. He was a parts worker in chevrolet dealers in Kansas City, and Sanfrancisco; he was called "Bunny."

iii.? Dixie---listed in Kansas City directories living with Metta Juvenal.

55 Benjamin Franklin "juvenal (James 29) was born in Williamsport, Indiana , around 1874. The Census of 1880 indicates 1875-6, and the deatrh certificate lists Sept. 18, 1880. He married Catherine Kiefnes, but they were seperated after 1914 when he reportedly jioned the Canadian army. In 1917 he transfered to the American forces. He had been a hero of the Spanish-American War and was buried with full military honors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He died of liver difficulties, Nov. 12, 1929.

93. i. Franklin Lenard--b. 1904.

94 ii. Wesley Harold--b.1909.

ii. Helen Louise--b. 1912 in Kansas City, Kansas.

56 John Robert (James 29) was born June 10, 1880. In 1901 he married Ada Bell Murnahan of Osburne, Kansas. He moved to Rush county in 1903, and after working for a local rancher for a while began to farm with his brother Harry. He died Nov. 30, 1944, in La Junta, Colorado, while visiting his daughter. His obituary said "Bert was every man's friend and no man's enemy. He loved his world in which he lived--loved his family, his home, his work, and his friends. None from this community has ever been missed more than he will be."

95. i. Harry--b. July 1, 1902.

96 ii. Chester--b. Oct. 26, 1903

iii.Marie--b. June 2, 1905; m. Harold C. Robertson.

iv. Ruby--b. June 21, 1910; m. Robert Temple.

57 Louie McCracken Juvenal (James29) was born in russell county, Kansas, May 22, 1884, and was known as "Mack." He married Lena Wilma Meyer, daughter of Frank and Katrina Koch Meyer. He died March 10, 1959, in Bazine, Kansas. Lena had been born August 12, 1889 in Sedalia, Missouri, and died Decembner 30, 1968.

97 i. Carl Culbertson--b. April 21, 1910 in Ness Co., Kansas.

ii. Violet Vivian--b. Oct. 27, 1912 in Williamsville, Kansas; m. Harold Meadows; d. July 8, 1968 in North Kansas City.

58 John William Juvenal (Benjamin 31) was born in Russell, Kansas, January 4, 1879. He married Maude H. Muford October 15, 1902 in Osborne, Kansas. He was a barber, and once worked on Craig's ranch near Fairport, Kansas. He died July 29, 1958, in Placerville, California. He was a Methodist.

i. Harold LeRoy--b. Aug. 12, 1903, in Tolga, Oklahoma; m. Meda Viola Green, daughter of Nate Green; was an employee in the plant and engineering department of Western Union Telegraph Company for forty years.

ii. Benny H.--b. Jan.14, 1905, in Pierce, Neb.; d. Dec.16, 1960.

iii. Clara--b. Sept. 18, 1908, in Natoma, Kansas.

iv. Floyd Elton--b. Oct. 8, 1911, in Oceanside, California.

v. Ralph--b. Aug. 3, 1914,in Ducor, California; d. Dec. 21, 1963.

vi. Evelyn--b. Sept. 3, 1916, in Bakersfield, Calif.

59 Howard Ralph Juvenal (James 31) was born Nov. 3, 1888, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. He married Sarah Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Willis A. Brown, Sept. 5, 1917, and lived in Maryville, Missouri, where he died July 16, 1940. He was an osteopathic physician.

98 i. Joseph Jacob--b. Oct.31, 1992; adopted.

ii. Charles Brown--b. Nov.13, 1924, in Maryville; he teaches high school in Omaha, Nebraska.

60 Harry Jacob Juvenal (Jacob 35) wqas born September 1, 1896, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. He served briefly in WWI, and married Virginia Pettis.

i. Harry Jacob, jr.--b. Jan.6, 1924.

99. ii.Michael Pettisw--b.Dec. 19, 1928, in Babson Park, Florida.

61 William Williams Juvenal (Jacob 36) was born April 16, 1899, in New Rochelle, New York. He married Glenn Codding, daughter of Edwin Codding of New Rochelle, September 11, 1924. A graduate of the Naval Academy, class of 1921, he was a career naval officer, retiring May 30, 1948, with the rank of Rear Admiral. Afterwards he worked in the Atomic Energy Commission. Stationed at Los Alamos, he was Assistant Director for Operations, and later was in the Department of Defense Relations. He lived in San Diego, and in 1968 was named commander of the Military Order of the World Wars, Laguna Hills Chapter.

Admiral Juvenal in 1946.

i. Suzanne--b.1925; m. Col. A.B. Middleton, USMC.

ii. Sally-Glenn--b. J1927; m. Col. Theodore Leonard, USA.

iii. Sandra--b. May 1, 1937; m. Arthur M. Duran.

62 James Benner Juvenal (Theodore 37) was born in Philadelphia, Jan.12, 1874. After attending public schools a number of years, he went to the Pennsylvania Nautical School aboard the Saratoga in 1891. He excelled in the training there, and established a reputation as one of America's foremost rowers. Beginning in 1893 he competed in single sculls, and in 1902 he was on the American team that won the Olympic Gold Medal in Paris for the 8_oared shell. After 1908 he retired from competition and devoted much time to coaching in the best racing clubs. His occupation was the Philadelphia Electric Company. He studied at the Drexel Institute, the Sheldon School of Salesmanship in Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania. He was a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserves during World War One, serving as the athletic and training officer. His first wife was Anna Gilbert. He married Delle Rogers, Dec.26, 1906. He died Sept. 1, 1942.


ii. Eileen--b. 1912; m. James E. Baker.

iii. Grace--b. 1914.

63 Henry Earl Juvenal (James39) was born in Alton, Missouri, in 1894. He married Waneata Verona Van Horn in 1917. He was a carpenter and lives in Grass Valley, California.

100 i. Orford Earl--b. 1920

101 ii James--b. 1922 in Oakdale,Wash. 64 Frank Harrod Juvenall (William 40) was born August 28, 1906, in Teako, Washington. He married Norma Pauline Johnsen, daughter of Peter Rocket and Nicole Johnsen, natives of Norway. She was born May 29, 1912, in Portland, Oregon. He now lives in Seattle.

i. Gilbert John--b. 1930, in Longview, Wash.; m. Ruth Ann M., Aug.17, 1957, in Toppenish, Washington.

65 Forrest Juvenall (Austin 42) was born in Danville, Illinois. He was known as "Pete." His first wife was Margeret McCollum, married Sept. 8, 1917; his second wife was Mary Godwin, married June 27, 1925; his third Phima G. Taylor, married Jan. 20, 1939.

i. Dorothy June--b.Jan.23, 1919;d. Feb.3, 1919

66 Roy Juvinall (Austin 42) was born January 8, 1900. He married Melva J., Oct.16, 1920. He was known as "Jum."

i. Dorothy May--b. 1921, in Danville, Illinois.

ii. Ruth Maxine--b.1924, in Danville, Illinois.

67 Jack Irvin Juvinall (Austin 42) was born in Danville, Illinois. He married Edna B., Oct. 30, 1924.

i. Jack, jr.--b.1926, in Danville, Illinois.

68 Orla Edward Juvinall (Henry 43) was born in Vermillion county, Illinois, Feb. 28, 1886. He was a notable Romeo in his youth. Later he went into electrical work and made a number of inventions. He was offered $32,000 for a patent to a connection box, but refused it in hopes of getting a percentage of sales. In meantime a similar but different model came onto the market. Another invention was a vise for holding doors for planing. A famous bird lover, he acquired a local reputation by killing an estimated 1200 cats in his lifetime. He married Mabel M. on June 6, 1914, and Mildred Zada B. in 1927. He died May 29, 1969.

102 i. Gerald Matlock--b. 1918.

ii. Claude Keith--b. 1928; serve in the U.S. Marines in Korea, 1951-53; m. Lois J., Aug. 23, 1947; operates Juvinall Electric Company in Danville, Illinois.

69 Wilbur Amos Juvinall (Henry 43) was born July 30, 1891, in Danville, Illinois. He married Oda Mae N. He died in Jan. 0f 1960 in Denver, Colorado.

i. June Jewell--b. 1916 in Danville; m. Gliddin Griffiths, Nov. 5, 1932; d. in Denver, Colorado.

ii. Donald E.--b. 1919.

iii infant--b. March 1, 1921.

iv. Chester Buell--b. April 22, 1922; d. July 16, 1924

103 v. Terrance Allen--b. 1925.

vi. Joanne--b.1931; m. Richard Dickson.

vii. Joy Lynn--b. 1935; m. Martin Smith.

70 Earl Williams Juvinall (Henry 43) was born June 4, 1895, in Danville, Ilinois. His first wife, Teresa Boyle, died in a fire, June 16, 1917. His second wife, Anna, also died young. He then married Mabel H., daughter of Andrew. He was a coremaker, and moved to Peoria in the early 1920's.

104 i. Robert Vinson--b. 1915.

ii. Helen Loretta--b. July 2, 1918; d. Oct. 19, 1918

iii. Leslie Earl--b. Sept. 2, 1922, in Danville; died aboard the cruiser Manchester, Feb. 3, 1943.

105 iv. Wayne--b.1924, in Peoria, Ill.

71 Kenneth Paul Juvinall (Henry 43) was born June 29, 1896, in Vermillion county, Illinois. He married Elsi S., August 15, 1917.

106 i. Wilbur Lloyd--b. 1918.

107 ii. Paul Edward--b. 1919.

iii. Virginia May--b.1922; m. Harry Englert; m. Wiliam Nungester.

108 iv. Fay Gene--b. 1925.

v. Floyd Melvin--b. 1927.

72 David Henry Juvinall (Henry 43) was born October 6, 1900, in Vermillion county, Illinois. He married Harriet (Hattie M) K., Sept. 8 1917.

i. Glendora--b.1918, in Vermillion county; m. George Miller in 1936; m. George C. Gordon, Aug. 11, 1940.

ii. Homer Frederick--b. March 1, 1920; d. March 30, 1920.

iii. Mary Kathleen--b. 1921; m. Harry Oliver Jiles, Oct. 7, 1942.

109 iv. Harold Francis--b. 1923.

v. Evelyn Laverne--b. 1925; m. Ernest Eugene Queck.

vi. David Henry, jr.--b. April 19, 1927; d. March 15, 1944?

vii. Dorothy Anne--b. 1929; m. Bobby D. Carpenter, June 24, 1948; Wilbur Eugene Divan, Jan. 31, 1958.

viii. Carol Jane--b.1932.

110 ix. Phillip Dale--b. 1934.

x. Linda Marilynn--b. 1937.

xi. Ronald Lee--b. 1939.

73 Banner Juvinall (Henry 43) was born February 20, 1904, in Monrovia, California. He married Susanna H., and was a mechanic for Allith Company in Danville, Illinois.

i. Jean--b. 1924; m. Mr. Reynolds.

ii. Jerry Zane--b. Oct 16, 1929; d. Oct 5, 1935 in Danville.

111 iii. Jimmy LeRoy--b. 1935, in Danville.

112 iv. Marvin Stanley--b.1940, in Danville.

74 John Conroy Juvinall (David 44) was bron April 1, 1895, in Vermillion county, Illinois. Known as James J., he married Zoella G. and was a rancher most of his life.

i. Donald

ii. Ethyl May

iii. Beverly

76 Paul Edward Juvinall (David 44) was born Oct. 9, 1906, in Vermillion county, Illinois. He married Dorothy K. K., April 7, 1941.

i. Richard Paul--b. 1942, in Vermillion county.

ii. Dale Edward--b.1943, in Vermilion county.

77 Reuel G. Juvinall (D'Marquis 45) was born March 27, 1897, in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Ruth H., July 14, 1922.

i. Carl Eugene--b. Jan 25, 1924: d. Nov. 4, 1925

78 Ralph J. Juvinall (D'Marquis 45) was born May 5, 1904. He married Lillian R. M. on May 23, 1925. He died June 20, 1963.

i. Alice Marie--b. June 22, 1927; d. Feb. 20, 1929.

ii. Joyce D.--b. 1931.

79 Oakley M. Juvinall (D'Marquis 45) was born May 5, 1911 in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Maxine S., May 13, 1929.

i. Roberta--b. 1932.

ii. Sharon--b. 1939.

80 Edward Juvinall (D'Marquis 45) was born 1915. He married Julia D., May 12, 1936.

i. Juanita J.--b.1938.

ii. Edward E.--b. 1940.

81 Wesley Burton (Charles 46) was born August 22, 1900, in Collison, Illinois. He married twice and had one child from each marriage. The first was to Martha B., daughter of Martha, and the second was to Leata M. H., daughter of Frank and Temperance Vridenburgh H.. He was a driver for Standard Oil.

114 i. Robert Wesley--b. 1926, in Danville, Ill.

ii. Sharon Kay--b. 1940, in Champaign, Ill.;m. Michael Eugene Thorlton.

82 Virlon Franklin Juvinall (Glen 47) was born Oct. 12, 1907, in Collison, Illinois. A farmer, and supervisor of Pilot township. He married Olga A. B., daughter of Frederick (Fritz) and Bertha Weidele Beck, Aug. 21, 1926.

i. Barbara Arlene--b.1926, in Danville, Illinois; m. Gene Lusk in 1948; after his death, m. William Hogue; divorced; m. Robert Charles Juvinall, June 18, 1971.

83 Robert Charles Juvinall (James 48) was born 1917, in Danville, Illinois. He earned a B.S. degree at Case U. in 1939, an MAE at Chrysler Institute, and an MS at the University of Illinois in 1950. In 1945 he married Doris D., daughter of Jesse and Elma. An engineer and author of a widely-used textbook, he is a Professor of Engineering. He recently taught at the University of Michigan. June 18, 1971, he married Barbara Arlene H..

i. Margaret Lee--b.1947, in Detroit, Mich.; m. Thomas Robertson.

ii. Nancy Jo--b. 1950, in Champaign, Illinois; attended Earlham College.

84 Andrew Virlon Juvinall (Charles 49) was born May 19, 1906. He followed his father into the ministry of the Methodist Church. For many years he was pastor in San Francisco. He married Florence J.. They are world travelers, leading tours and lecturing on travel.

i. Andrew Ralph Franklin--b. 936 in Santa Rosa, California.

ii. Jacquelynn Louise--b.1942 in Buenos Aires, Brazil; m. Steve Zwick and now living in Brazil.

iii. Ralph Wesley--b. 1944, in Sacramento, California; graduate of College of the Pacific; m. Nancy Clark in May of 1970; consultant in the state assembly in Sacramento.

85 Ernest Juvinall (Charles 49) was born 1914. He completed two and a half years of college during the Depression, and on June 19, 1939, married Mary Ann M., daughter of Edward Ernst and Ida Mae. He is employed in the purchasing department of Lutheran General Hospital in Des Plaines, Illinois.

115 i. Paul Douglass--b. 1940, in Chicago.

ii. Phyllis Joy--b. 1943, in Chicago.

iii. James Joseph--b. 1945, in Chicago; m. Linda Lee Morgan, June 17, 1967.

86 James William Juvinall (James 50) was born 1911, in Danville, Illinois. Is vice-president of paint spray company in Toledo, Ohio.

i. John--b. 1952 in Toledo, Ohio; m. Alison Lea Mi. in Toledo, Ohio, June 5, 1970.

ii. James

iii. Joan

87 John Reid Juvinall (James 50) was born 1920, in Weldon, Illinois. After two years of college he served four years in the Army during World War II. He married Ruth L., daughter of Earl and Marie. He is in the Quality Assurance Engineering Department of Western Electric Co., in Hinsdale, Illinois.

i. Richard Alan--b.1951, in Oak Park, Ill.

ii. Juanita Ruth--b. 1953, in Oak park, Ill.

88 James Garnett Juvenal (James 52) was born in Hutto, Texas, July 1, 1886. He left school about the eighth grade to work. He moved to south Texas with his brother and worked on the railroad as a telegrapher. He was Freight Agent for the Mopac in San Antonio at the time of his death, Oct. 25, 1947. He married Tenah D., daughter of J.W.. She is of Indian ancestry and is still living.

116 i. Preston Monroe--b. 1909, in Yorktown, Texas.

ii. Helen E.--b. 1914 in Taft, Texas; m. S.S. Peters, a dentist in Crystal City, Texas.

117iii. James Garnett, jr.--b.1918, in Taft, Texas.

89 Charles Monroe Juvenal (James 51) was born in Hutto, Texas, July 3, 1887. He moved to Encinal, Texas, and became a telegrapher on the railroad. He was later a conductor. He was also a justice of the peace. He married Genieve Elizabeth H., daughter of Gabe and Elizabeth Habey H.. After his wife's death he remarried and lived in Encinal.

i. Catherine--b.1913; m. Guy Sweat, who died of electrocution; m. Jack Bailey and now divorced.

ii. Lucille--b. 1915; m. Tony Salinas.

iii. Charles Monroe, jr.--d. at birth.

118 iv. Chester Garnett--b. 1921.

90 Bethel T. Juvenal (Tobit 52) was born October 5, 1904, in Hutto, Texas. He received a BA degree from the University of Texas in 1927, and married Louise Del C. in Austin on May 14th of that year. He worked for Anderson, Clayton, & Co. processing cotton for seven years. In 1934 he joined the Locket Seed Company as seed breeder and handler of cotton buying and selling. He has participated in the development of new varieties of seed and methods of production.

119 i. John Bethel--b.1934, in Shamrock, Texas.

91 John H. Juvenal, jr. (John 53) was born 1927. He married Marian M, and is a career officer in the Navy.

i. Timothy

ii. Stephen

iii. Diana

iv. Cynthia

92 George T. Juvenal (Joseph 54) was born in McCracken, Kansas, August 20, 1881. He was a Chevrolet dealer in Kansas City, and a painting contractor in San Francisco. He married Verna M.

i. George G.--was a clerk for Great Lakes Pipe Line Company in Minneapolis.

ii. Margaret

iii. Laura Verne

93 Franklin Lenard Juvenal (Benjamin 55) was born in 1904. He married Goldia Tery-Eta M. in 1929. They were divorced. He and his wife Ethyl reside in Louisiana. He has one child by each marriage, and is said to be a very engaging personality.

i. Yvonne--b.1925; m. Charles E. Madison.

120 ii. Franklin Leonard Gerald--b. 1938, in Temple, Texas.

94 Wesley Harold Juvenal (Benjamin 55) was born in 1909. He married Vivian E. G., and works for General Motors in Kansas City, Kansas.

i. Louise Annette--b. 1943; m. Mr. King.

ii. Patricia Lorraine--b. 1945; m. Mr. Goss.

95 Harry Juvenal (John 56) was born July 1, 1902, in McCracken, Kansas. He married Sadie I., June 10, 1921. She died in August of 1959. On February 26. 1961, he married Gladys. He is a farmer and lives in Bison, Kansas.

i. Elenore Van Doris--d. at birth, May 29, 1923.

121 ii. Glenn E.--b. 1924, in McCracken.

iii. Lester Eugene--b. 1926, in McCracken.

122 iv. Dwain--b.1930, in McCracken.

v. Harold Dean--b. 1934 in McCracken.

96 Louis Chester Juvenal (John 56)was born October 26, 1903, in McCracken, Kansas. His marriage to Fern Van W., July 19, 1925, ended in divorce. He married again Nov. 9, 1936, and was divorced in 1938. He married Louise M. and now lives in Hooker, Oklahoma.

i. Jackie--b. 1927.

ii. Jo Ann--b. 1929.

iii. Robert--b. 1948, in Mitchell, Kansas.

iv. Sammy--b. 1950, in La Junta, Calif.

v. Norma Jean--1951, in Dodge City, Kansas; m. Leonard Hein.

97 Carl Culbertson Juvenal (Louis 57) was born 1910, in High Point township of Ness County, Kansas. On August 14, 1935, he married Wanda Fern S. in La Crosse, Kansas. She was the daughter of John Doyle and Althea Grace. They operate a dry cleaning establishment in La Crosse.

i. Carla Jo--b. 1943, in La Crosse; m. Aug. 30, 1962, Rex Eugene Lewis.

98 Joseph J. Juvenal (Howard 59) was born 1922, in Maryville, Missouri. He served five years in the Army during World War II and was severely wounded. He married Mary E. M., daughter of J.D., and is a management analyst for the Marine Corps Finance Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He is Past Master of the Country Club Masonic Lodge and is very active in SPEBSQSA (Barber Shop Singing).

i. Michael Jay--b. 1946, in Maryville, Mo.; m. Cecilia Wells.

ii. Joseph Howard--b. 1949, in Maryville, Mo.

99 Michael Pettiss Juvenal (Harry 60) was born 1928, in Babson Park, Florida. After graduation from the Military Academy at West Point in 1952, he married Jacqueline LeP., daughter of Ralph LeP. of Groveton, New Hampshire. He is a professional soldier now holding the rank of lieutenant colonel. He has studied at Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a Presbyterian.

i. Michael Ralph--b. 1955, at Fort Bragg, N.C.

ii. Loana June--b. 1951.

iii. Valerie Robin--b. 1953.

iv. Gaylord Earl--b. 1958.

v. Lillian Rae--b. 1961.

101 James Monroe Juvinall (Henry 63) was born 1922, in Oakdale, Washington. He married Marian Esther P. in 1948. She was born in 1924. He is a carpenter in the Grass Valley, California.

i. Cathy Ann--b. 1951; m. Glen R. Chileski.

ii. James Earl--b. 1953.

iii. Vicky Marie--b. 1961.

102 Gerald Matlock Juvinall (Oral 68) was born 1918. He married Thelma B., November 8, 1941. A graduate of Danville High School, he entered the Air Force and served 1942-1946 in China as flightt mechanic for C-47 aircraft. He is utility chief at the Veterans Hospital in Danville, Illinois.

i. Janet Sue--b.1952.

ii. Janeen Kay--b. 1952.

103 Terrance Allen Juvinall (Wilbur 69) was born 1925, in Danville, Illinois. He married Betty Louise G., daughter of Euda. A mechanic for Yellow Freight for twenty years, he now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a member of the Nazarene Church.

i. Terry Allen, jr.--b. 1946, in Danville.

ii. Kevin Lee--b. 1959, in Denver, Colorado.

iii. Cheryl Lynn--b. 1963, in Denver, Colorado.

104 Robert Vinson Juvinall (Earl 70) was born 1915, in Danville, Illinois. He married Pauline Anna G., and operates Juvinall Bait and Tackle Company in Danville.

122 i. Robert Vinson, jr.--b. 1932.

ii. Richard Joseph--b. Oct. 2 1934; d. Oct. 25, 1934.

iii. Catherine--b. Jan. 24, 1936; d. young.

123 iv. Joseph Earl--b. 1937.

v. Sandra Jean--b. 1939; m. Robert Peeveler.

vi. Susan Kay--b. 1941; m. John Ford.

104 Wayne Juvinall (Earl 70) was born 1934, in Peoria, Illinois. After graduation from High School, he entered the U.S. Coast Guard and served from 1942 to 1946. He married Josephine A. L., daughter of Herman L., February 21, 1953. He is a sheetmetal worker and business manager in Peoria.

i. Dennis--b. 1953, in Peoria.

ii. Michael--b.1955.

iii. Tamara--b. 1957.

iv. Gary--b. 1962.

v. Terri--b. 1962.

vi. Diane--b.1965.

106 Wilbur Lloyd Juvinall (Kenneth 71) was born 1918, in Vermilion County, Illinois. He married Nan Ogle, and is a mechanic in Danville. He is known as "Webb."

i. Peggy Jean

ii. John Edward

107 Paul Edward Juvinall (Kenneth 71) was born 1919, in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Dorothy K. He is a tool set-up man for Allith-Proudy.

i. Richard

ii. Dale

iii. Linda

iv. David

v. Jean

108 Fay Jean Juvinall (Kenneth 71) was born 1925, in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Edith H., and is warden at Kickapoo State Park in Vermilion county.

i. Rickie Lee--b. 1951.

ii. Darrell--b. 1953.

iii. Bruce--b. 1955.

iv. Scott--b. 1963.

109 Harold Francis Juvinall (David 72) was born 1923, in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Edna Mae C., July 11, 1947. Known as "Hal," he is a mechanic for Illinois Power Company.

i. Timothy Dean--b. 1949.

ii. Thomas Dwayne-- 1950.

110 Phillip Dale Juvinall (David 72) was born 1934, in Vermilion county, Illinois. He married Margaret Holy C. on June 7, 1953. Living in Danville, he is a foreman at Tee-Pak, a subsidiary of Continental Can.

i. Jacqueline--b. 1954.

ii. Jayne--b. 1957.

iii. Phillip A.--b.1959.

iv. Rebecca--b. 1961.

v. George W.--b. 1964.

vi. Carla--b. 1966.

111 Jimmy LeRoy Juvinall (Banner 73) was born 1935, in Danville, Illinois. He married Darlene J. in 1954, and is a body repairman.

i. Jean

ii. Cathy

iii. Brenda

iv. Sharon

v. Peggy

112 Mark Stanley Juvinall (Banner 73) was born 1940, in Danville, Illinois. He married Lola Ann N. in 1960.

i. Mark Alan--b. 1965.

113 Gordon Lee Juvinall (John 74) was born 1932, in Monrovia, California. He is a senior scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

i. Laurie--b. 1962.

ii. Victoria--b.1965.

iii. Douglas--b. 1968.

114 Robert Wesley Juvinall (Wesley 81) was born 1926, in Danville, Illinois. He served in the Navy in WWII and now works for the Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, Illinois. He married Maxine D., daughter of Daniel.

i. Susan--b. 1957, in Peoria.

ii. Melinda--b. 1959.

115 Paul Douglas Juvinall (Ernest 85) was born 1940, in Chicago, Illinois. He married Rebecca V.

i. Kevin Paul--b. 1969.

116 Preston Monroe Juvenal (James 88) was born July 7, 1907, in Yorktown, Texas. He grew up in South Texas and took his first employment with the Post Office. He married Mary L. P., daughter of J.L. P. of San Antonio, and joined his father-in-law in the used-car business. During World War II, he was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City as a criminal investigator, office of the Provost General. After the war he continued that occupation. In 1944 he was divorced and married to Marguerite Laws. From 1950 to 1964 he was a counter-intelligence agent with the Office of Special Investigations. During this time he earned a BS-BA from Oklahoma City University, and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. He went to the University of Oklahoma to pursue the Ph.D., which he earned in 1968. He is now at Northeast Louisiana University teaching business administration.

124 i. James Price--b. 1932.

117 James Garnett Juvenal (James 88) was born 1918, in Taft, Texas. He left the University of Texas to volunteer for the Army Air Force, and eventually flew B-29s over Japan. He married Mollie Jane Kohn Harshey in 1944. After the war he worked for Anderson, Clayton and Company in Mexico for six years. He returned to Austin, Texas, to work for J.M. Boyer Company, which specializes in air conditioning for large buildings. In 1966 he became President of the company.

i. Jacquelynn--b.1942,

ii. David--b. 1947; served U.S. Navy in Iceland; grad. Univ. of Texas.

119 John Bethel Juvenal (Bethel 90) was born 1934, in Shamrock, Texas, and was reared in Vernon, Texas. In 1955 he earned a B.S. degree at the University of Texas, and then attended Texas Tech in Lubbock. He joined the Stauffer Chemical Company and is currently manager of production and sales, living in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He married Leanne S, in Vernon, Texas, in 1954.

i. John Franklin--b. 1957.

ii. Tobin Wayne--b. 1959.

120 Franklin Leonard Gerald Juvenal (Franklin 93) was born in 1938, in Temple, Texas. Known as "Jerry," he is a mechanically inclined outdoorsman. He is married to Nelda Jean A., daughter of Claude and Margaret .

i. Lisa Jeannine--b. 1960, in Fort Worth, Texas.

ii. Claude Franklin--b.1962, in Grand Prairie, Texas.

121 Glenn E. Juvenal (Harry 95) was born 1924, at McCracken, Kansas. He married Ruberta F. B., and worked for the Natural Gas and Pipe-Line Company in Great Bend, Kansas. He died May 22, 1962.

i. Marla Kay

ii. Sharon

122 Dwain Juvenal (Harry 95) was born 1930, in McCracken, Kansas. He married Betty A., but was divorced after two children. He married Annolee M. of Portville, New York, but they are separated.

i. Robert Allen

ii. Jolene--b. 1958.

123 Robert Vinson Juvinall, jr. (Robert 104) was born 1932, in Danville, Illinois. He married Donna D. in 1954.

i. Debbie--b. 1954.

ii. Vickie--b. 1956.

iii. Cathy--b. 1957.

iv. Patty--b. 1963.

v. Robert Vinson, jr.--b. 1970.

124 Joseph Earl Juvinall (Robert 104) was born 1937, in Danville, Illinois. He married Leslie B., and works for the Arness Printing Company in Danville.

i. Joseph Douglas--b. 1967.

ii. June Danna--b. 1970.

125 James Price Juvenal (Preston 116) was born 1932, in San Antonio, Texas. He earned a BS from Texas A&M University and an MS from the University of California at Berkeley. He has two children by his first marriage and is now teaching at Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio.

i. Preston--b. 1953, in California.

ii. David--b. 1955 (56) in California.

126 Todd Jay Juvinall (Orford 100) was born in 1950. He married Mary in 1970.

i. Tracy--b. 1970.


For France there are departmental records and printed genealogies: Francoise Alexandre Aubert de la Chesnaye-Desbois, DICTIONNAIRE DE LA NOBLESSE (19 vols. Paris, 1863-77), XI, 121-5; and M. Champeval, DICTIONNARIE DES FAMILLES NOBLES ET NOTABLES DE LA CORREZE, II, 244-250; M.N. Valois, "Note sur l'origine de la famille Jouvenal des Ursins." BULLETIN ET MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETIE NATIONALE DES ANTIQUITES DE FRANCE, Series VI, IX (1898), 77-88; Abbe L. Berty, VIE DE LEON DE JOUVENAL, DEPUTE DE LA CORRZEZE (1811-1886) (Paris, 1931): Jean Hurluison, "Jean Juvenal des Ursins," REVUE CRITIQUE DES IDEES ET DES LIVRES, XI (1902). 584f; and Rudolph Binion, DEFEATED LEADERS (New York, 1960).

For England there is very little, only scattered items in: David Agnew, PROTESTANT EXILES FROM FRANCE (London, 1871); and PUBLICATIONS OF THE HUGENOT SOCIETY OF LONDON.

Pennsylvania has PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES (Harrisburg, 1898), 2nd, 3rd series; and A COLLECTION OF UPWARD OF 30,000 NAMES OF GERMAN, SWISS, FRENCH, AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS IN PENNSYLVANIA FROM 1727 TO 1776 (Baltimore, 1965). From 1790 the UNITED STATES CENSUS is useful. County histories are good only for background.

Kentucky has only an inadequate census in 1810 and 1820, partly reconstructed from tax lists and the militia rolls.

Ohio has court records in Chillicothe, Waverly, and Upper Sandusky. Newspapers are not helpful. Of the county histories, only Elsie John Ayers, HILLS OF HIGHLAND (Piqua, Ohio, 1971), and a turn of the century history, THE COUNTY OF HIGHLAND are useful. The ROSTER OF OHIO SOLDIERS lists the Juveniles' military service.

Illinois has very good information. The Vermilion County Courthouse has records on births, deaths, marriages, and a few civil cases. The County Histories are excellent: Gustavus Pearson, PAST AND PRESENT OF VERMILION COUNTY, ILLINOIS (Chicago, 1903); Gustavus Person, PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM OF VERMILION COUNTY, ILLINOIS (Chicago, 1911) in two volumes. The newspapers, however, are not useful. Census records are well-kept, both federal and state, and an index is available in Springfield. The county historical society publishes a journal quarterly, THE HERITAGE OF VERMILION COUNTY. Articles by William Urban have appeared there in 1971 and 1972. The most important are entitled "A Condeferate Yankee," "Pioneer Families," and "The Original Juvinall Home."

Texas has good county records in the Georgetown Courthouse. Articles based on these will appear in the KANSAS HISTORICAL QUARTERLY in 1973 and in one of the magazines published by Western Publication of Austin, Texas. The HISTORY OF TEXAS TOGETHER WITH A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF MILAM, WILLIAMSON, BASTROP, TRAVIS, LEE, AND BURLESON COUNTIES (Chicago 1893) is useful, but the census, and newspapers are not complete. the Agricultual Census has good descriptions of the farms. One article on trail drives should be read in its entirety: Bill Poage, "Lure of the Old Chisholm Trail," DALLAS MORNING NEWS (July 20, 1941), IV, 9. Wayne Gard, THE CHISOLM TRAIL (1954) mentions the Juvenals.

Kansas has courthouse records at Russell and Osborne. The courthouse at Abilene was destroyed by fire in the 1880's. The Russell Record has much infomration on the Juvenals. See William Urban's "I have become almost desperate over the thought of a dying poor man," TRUE WEST (Oct. 1972). For more recent period records are not as good.

Numerous individuals and institutions were of great assistance. The State Historical Libraries of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon, Ohio, and (most of all) Kansas went out of their way to aid in this research. So also did several city libraries, notably those of Rockford, Illinois, and Russell, Kansas. The Library of Congress was prompt and accurate in forwarding materials ordered; and the National Archives, though dreadfully slow, always provided more than expected. The librarians of Monmouth College in Illinois sought out materials industriously and obtained copies of rare books from unexpected locations for my use. Mr. Hauge and Mrs. Bussell deserves a special thanks. In their knowledge of the Juvenal-Juvinall families and their willingness to share their findings, Mrs. Earl Humphreys of Palacios, Texas, and Mr. George Smith of Danville, Illinois, have no peers. And, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Juvinall of Collison, Illinois, are responsible for the decision to publish this book. Their sponsorship and encouragement were indispensable.

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