Musings: Essays

Cultural Studies in Chicago (1999)

Monte Python and the Crisis of Modern Liberalism

The Name "American"

Learning from History

Rigoletto at the Lyric Opera

A Visit to Northfield. Academics gathered at Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges discuss the situation in Russia (2000)

September 11, 2001

Uncle Romulus Tales (1998)

Intense, Meaningful Relationship of coaches and players (2005)

The transitory nature of life and the historical record (2005)

Issues of a decade ago (2005) and of today.

Sam Alito (2006)

United Nations Reform (2006)

Nuclear Power (2006)

Torture (2006)

Kyoto Protocols (2007)

Can Governments Prevent Poverty (2007)

Promises, Promises from North Korea (2007)

Nafta and its Discontents (2008)

Saddam Hussein's weapons (2006)

Kosovo (2008)

The Letter W (2008)

Pedagogical Reasons for taking History Students on Off Campus trips (2008).

Daddy Warbucks (2008)

Obama in Berlin (2008)

Georgia and Russia (2008)

Olympic Politics (2008)

People I Have Known (2015)

The Importance of Civilized Discussions (2015)