Where was Nicholas Earp in 1849-50?


Nicholas Earp paid personal property taxes from 1845-1848, but not in 1849 (Collectors’ Books, Western Illinois University Archives).

            Most individuals who did not pay their personal property tax this year had an X behind their names, apparently indicating that they had left town.

            Nicholas sold his home March 1, 1849. (Recorder’s Office, Warren County courthouse. Entry book 13, p. 474) This was an appropriate time of the year either to join the hundred or so local citizens heading for California (only the leaders’ names were given in the Atlas) or go to Iowa in time to put in a crop; he also sold at a loss, suggesting haste.

            The Commissioner’s book 1848-1853 (Warren County courthouse, p. 3) indicates that on March 15, 1849, the commissioner cancelled the sale of three lots (2, 3 & 6 of Block 5) that Nicholas had bought December 11, 1846, on three interest-free promissory notes of $50 with due dates in one, two and three years. He did this “in case that the said Earp shall go to California.”


            The evidence is thus very strong that Nicholas Earp left Monmouth in the spring of 1849.


Nicholas Earp in Iowa


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