139. HIRAM ZENAS16 WEBSTER was born March 01, 1829 in Madison County, Illinois, and died Aft 1915 in Near Fort Worth, Texas. He married MARY A. MCQUIRE July 22, 1855 in Lenox, Warren County, Illinois, daughter of John McQuire and Anastasia Burno.


Hiram's father, Zenas Webster, died when Hiram was only 15 years old, and he remained with his mother in Madison County, Illinois, until he was 23 years of age. He was married in 1852, and soon after they moved to Ogle County, Illinois. From there they moved to Young America, now Kirkwood, Warren County, Illinois, where they stayed for several years. Since Hamilton was born in Warren County, it must have been about 1855 or so.

Hiram then moved to Lake Prairie Township, Marion County, Iowa (about seven miles northeast of Pella) where he bought a farm. On the 1860 Federal Census, the real estate was valued at $2,000, and personal property at $400. Date of the census was 30 July 1860, and Elizabeth was listed as one year of age, born in Iowa, so the family must have been there before July of 1859. Also in the household were Cynthia Webber, age 7, from Ohio, and had attended school during the year, and a domestic by the name of Ella Shaw, age 16, born in Ireland, as well as a farmhand, James Grover, age 22, from New York. Melville Palmer, age 19, born in Illinois, was also living with the family.

His mother, Parnell, was still living in Illinois in 1860, but it is known that she later resided with him, died there, and is buried just across the county line in Peoria, Mahaska County, straight east of their farm. (The writer visited the area, and could see that it was much easier to drive over to Peoria to a nice cemetery, than to drive to Pella, where it is said that the cemetery was "very poor.")

By the Federal Census of 1870, Hiram and his family were still at the farm, which by then was valued at $11,920, and personal property at $4,565. It was known that he had many Clydesdale Horses which he had acquired from the former owner of the property, and from whom he had acquired the knowledge of Clydesdale breeding.