This article in the Monmouth Review-Atlas, apparently from 1980 (apparently right after my first article on Wyatt Earp in Monmouth made the paper),  described a conversation with Wyatt Earp from 1926.

I asked on BJ's Tombstone discussion board whether this was authentic. This was the response of one of the most respected authorities on Wyatt Earp:

Casey Tefertiller
My thoughts
Tue Jan 17, 2006 08:20

I would put this in the likely category. While Woody and Sarah make valid points, this fits with other descriptions of folks who talked with Earp at that time and complained about his unwillingness to talk about the palmy days. There are no bold claims of Earp telling him the secret inside story or anything wild, just of meeting an old man who spent time at a gun shop. During that period, Earp seemed fairly lonely, and Sadie was off on her regular gambling junkets. When his health allowed, he would look for something to do visit friends or stop by a movie set to watch the filming.

While Hills of Eternity does not overlook the Pacific, it is only about a five minute drive from places that overlook the Bay, so I am not bothered by this minor error.

Norman Howeth Milligan (born 12 June 1904) died 9 Sept 1989 in San Diego, California.

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