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Personnel Forms
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General Notices

  Workers' Compensation Notice
  Volunteer Service Policy & Request Form
  Hazard Communication Program
  OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  2016 Summary Annual Reports for ACM Business Travel & ACM Voluntary Insurances
  Illinois ANCRA Mandated Reporter Requirements
  My Safe Workplace
  Whistleblower Policy
  Americans with Disabilities Act
  ADA General Notice
  ADA Accommodation Request Form
  ADA Notice of Employment Rights

Employee Benefits

Flexible Spending Plan
  2017 Flexible Spending Plan Election Form
  Flexible Spending Reimbursement Form
  Flexible Spending Direct Deposit Form
  UMR Flexible Spending Summary Plan Description - HDHP
  UMR Flexible Spending Summary Plan Description - PPO
  Monmouth College Group Health Plan Benefits Guide
  UMR Health Benefit Summary Plan Description
  UMR Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2017 - HDHP
  UMR Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2017 PPO
  Group Life Insurance Certificate
  Monmouth College Annual Health Law Notice Disclosures
  HealthCheck360 Brochure
  HealthCheck360 - Required Notice Regarding Wellness Program
HSA Authorization Form
  Staff Bereavement Leave
  Faculty Sick & Short-Term Disability Leave
  Parental Leave
  Family & Medical Leave
  2017-2018 Application for Employee Tuition Waiver
  2017-2018 Tuition Remission for Spouses & Dependent Children
  Summary Plan Description
  Group Long Term Disability
  Summary Plan Description
  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  Group Vision
  Delta Vision Evidence of Coverage
  Group Dental
  Delta Dental Certificate of Coverage

ID Card Request

Monmouth College ID Card Request

Holiday Schedules

  2017 - 2018 Holiday Schedule


MC Faculty and Staff Motor Vehicle Registration Form


  Support Staff Benefit Time Request Form
  Faculty & Professional Staff Leave Scheduling Form
Biweekly Time Report
Monthly Leave Report for Administrative Staff
  Monthly Leave Reports for Supervisors
  Common Payroll Deduction Codes - Biweekly
  Common Payroll Deduction Codes - Monthly
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  Online Pay Advices

Staff Handbooks

Administrative Staff Handbook
  Support Staff Handbook

Staff Evaluation

Evaluation Procedures for Staff Supervisors
  Staff Evaluation Form

Hiring Procedures

  Administrative Staff Hiring and Recruitment Procedures