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Register a Wired Device

Note: By default, the wired network ports in the residence halls are deactivated. If you need your network port activated for a wired connection, please tell your HR or RA which port number you want activated in your room.

  1. Connect the device to the wall port in your room.
  2. Open a web browser and try to open a web page. The ClearPass Guest log in page should appear.

    ClearPass Guest Log In Page

  3. Log in using your MC user name and password. The Device Registration page should appear.

  4. If desired, in the Building/Room Number field, enter your building and room number.

  5. In the Device Name field, enter a meaningful name for your device (e.g., Jane’s Laptop, Jane’s iPhone, etc.) so that you can easily identify it later on in your list of registered devices if you need to.

  6. Click the Device Type down arrow and select the type of device you're registering (e.g., computer, phone, etc.).

  7. Put a checkmark in the “I am the owner…” checkbox.

  8. Click Add Device.

  9. Unplug the network cable and plug it back it. (If you don't complete this step, your Internet connection will not work.)