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Import Birthdays from an Excel File

  1. Make sure the Excel file contains these fields (so that they will match up with Outlook’s calendar event fields):

    Start Date
    End Date
    All Day Event (enter Yes in this column)

  2. Save the Excel file as a CSV file. (On the File tab, select Save As and choose CSV (Comma delimited) from the Save as type drop-down list.

  3. Close the CSV file.
  4. In Outlook, on the File tab, select Open & Export.
  5. Select Import/Export.
  6. Select Import from another file or program and then click Next.
  7. Select Comma Separated Values and then click Next.
  8. Click the Browse button and select the .csv file.
  9. If desired, select Do not import duplicate items and then click Next.
  10. Select the desired calendar and then click Next.

  11. Click Finish.