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Student Printing Policy FAQ

How many pages can I print per semester at no charge?

You may use MC printers to print 300 black and white pages each semester at no charge. (A page equals one sheet of paper.) After that, you'll be charged $0.06 per page.

Does unused printing rollover to the next semester?

No. Unused printing does not rollover to the next semester.

Is unused printing transferrable to other accounts?

No. Unused printing is not transferrable to other accounts.

Answers to common questions about Monmouth Collegeís student printing policy are below.

Where can I check my printing information?

You may view your printing information at any time by going to and logging in with your MC user name and password.

What happens when I reach my printing quota?

When you reach your printing quota, a message will display to let you know that your account will be charged and you'll be given the option to continue. If you choose not to continue, you won't be able to print.

Can I use my own paper?

No. Only paper provided by Monmouth College may be used in Monmouth College printers.

What if I print a lot?

Try to reduce your printing by:

  • Printing duplex whenever possible
  • Editing online
  • Proofreading your documents before printing (Choose Print Preview before printing to reduce mistakes.)
  • Printing just the information you want (Highlight the text, select the Print option, and choose Selection.)
  • Reading material online
  • Downloading articles or documents to a jump drive
  • Talking to your instructor about ways to handle class materials that reduce printing

What if I need to print a special academic project that requires many pages?

Contact your instructor to discuss your project printing needs. If appropriate, the department can authorize additional pages added to your printing account.

What if I need to print for a student club or organization?

DO NOT use your personal printing account. Instead, contact the organizationís faculty advisor for more information. (If appropriate, the faculty advisor will contact the Business Office and arrange to have additional pages added to your printing account.)

What if I am a work study student and need to print for an office or department?

DO NOT use your personal printing account. Instead, contact your supervisor for more information. (Student workers will need to log in and use the officeís or departmentís computer account for printing.)

What if thereís a problem with my print job?

If you encounter a problem with your print job (e.g., streaked pages), then you must bring the used paper to the Information Systems Center and provide the time and date of your print job along with the printer you used. The Information Systems Center will use this information to verify the problem and add pages back to your printing account.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact the Information Systems Center at x2106.