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Perform an Email Merge

Note: The data file you use for an email merge must contain column titles and a column for email addresses. An example is shown below.


  1. In Word, open a new, blank document or open the document that you want to use for the mail merge.
  2. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge and select E-mail Messages.

    Start Mail Merge
  3. Click Select Recipients and select the desired option. (If you're using an Excel file for your data file, then select Use Existing List.)

    Select Recipients
  4. Select or create the data file that you want to use for the email merge.
  5. If desired, click Edit Recipient List to review, sort, or exclude data records.

    Edit Recipient List
  6. If necessary, compose the message.
  7. Click in the document where you want to insert the first merge field.
  8. Click Insert Merge Field and select the desired merge field.

    Insert Merge Field
  9. Repeat step 8 for each merge field that you want to insert.
  10. When you're finished inserting merge fields, click Preview Results to make sure the data looks correct.

    Preview Results

    Note: Use the Next Record Next Record Button and Previous Record Previous Record Button buttons to scroll through the data records.
  11. When you're finished previewing, click Preview Results again to display the merge fields.
  12. Click Finish & Merge and select Send E-mail Messages.

    Finish & Merge
  13. Click the To down arrow and select the email field.

    To Down Arrow
  14. If desired, enter a Subject line.

  15. Click OK. Copies of the message will appear in your Outlook Sent Items folder.