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Exclude Records from a Merge

The SKIPIF field code can be added to a document to exclude records that meet a certain criterion from a mail merge. The instructions below are for using the SKIPIF field to exclude records that have email addresses.

  1. If necessary, go to DOC, detail to Document File setup, and add LTREQ.EMAIL.ADRESS to the letter.
  2. Open the letter that contains the merge code.
  3. Click the cursor at the top of the letter.

  4. On the Mailings tab, click the Rules down arrow and select Skip Record If.

    Skip Record If Command
  5. Click the Field name down arrow and select the field in the data file that contains the email address (e.g., LTREQ.EMAIL.ADRESS).

    Field name Down Arrow
  6. Click the Comparison down arrow and select is not blank.

    Comparison Down Arrow
  7. Click OK.
  8. Save the letter.
  9. Proceed with the merge.