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Word 2016 New Features

  1. Convert PDFs to Editable Word Documents - You can now open a PDF file in Word and convert it to a fully-editable Word document.
  2. Reply to Comments - You can now reply to a comment in a Word document by clicking its Reply button.
    Reply to Comments
  3. Insert online pictures & videos - It's now possible to add pictures directly from online photo and video sites without having to save them to your computer first.

    Online Pictures & Videos
  4. Collapsible headings - When you format a document using Word's heading styles, you can now collapse the headings to hide parts of a document that you don't want to focus on.

  5. Read Mode - Word's new Read Mode (View tab) automatically fits the page to your device and enables you to scroll horizontally through a document.

    Read Mode
  6. Simple Markup View - The new Simple Markup view shows indicators appear where markup was made. You can then click an indicator to view the markup in the document.

    Simple Markup
  7. Design Tab - Themes, document formatting & page background options are now located together on the Design tab.

    Design Tab
  8. Alignment guides - Alignment guides are horizontal and vertical green lines that now appear whenever you move an object (e.g., image, chart, diagrams, etc.) on the page to help you line objects in a Word document.
    Alignment Guides
  9. Tell me what you want to do - When you enter a word or phrase (e.g., insert picture) in the Tell me what you want to do text box, a drop-down list with related commands displays for quick access.

    Tell Me
  10. Smart Lookup - When you right-click a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup, a list of definitions, Wiki articles, and top search results from the web appears on the Insights pane.

    Smart Lookup
  11. Ink Equations - The Ink Equation command enables you to insert an equation by writing it.

    Ink Equations
  12. Share Button - Clicking the Share button enables you to quickly save a file to your OneDrive or to a SharePoint site or email a file as an attachment.

    Share Button