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Schedule a Meeting Using the Zoom Desktop Client

  1. Log in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click Schedule.

  3. Enter the meeting title, start date & time, and duration.

    Topic, Start Date & Time, and Duration
  4. If you're scheduling a recurring meeting, then select Recurring meeting. (You'll specify the recurrence information later on the Outlook meeting invitation.)

    Recurring meeting
  5. Under Meeting ID, select the desired option. (Most of the time, you'll want to select Generate Automatically so that a unique meeting ID is generated for each meeting. Your personal meeting ID is a static number used to access your personal Zoom meeting room. Once someone has your personal meeting ID, they can access your personal meeting room anytime you're using it for a meeting unless you lock the meeting or use the Waiting Room feature to admit  participants individually.)

    Meeting ID
  6. Under Security, make sure that Passcode is selected.

  7. If desired, select Waiting Room. (When Waiting Room is selected, your students will be placed in a virtual waiting room after they join the meeting, and you’ll need to admit them individually or all at once to the meeting. If you’d prefer to have your students automatically admitted to the meeting after they join, then don't select this.)

    Waiting Room
  8. Under Video, configure the options as desired. (If you leave both the host and participant video set to Off, then you and your students can start your video when you're ready after you join the meeting.)

  9. Under Audio, accept the default Telephone and Computer Audio.

    Telephone and Computer Audio
  10. Click Advanced Options and configure the options as desired.

    Advanced Options
  • Enable join before host - When this setting is enabled, your students can join the meeting before you do.
  • Mute participants upon entry - When this setting is enabled, your students will be muted automatically when they join the meeting. (They can then unmute themselves when they’re ready to speak.)
  • Only authenticated users can join - When this setting is enabled, only students who have Zoom accounts will be able to join the meeting. (Since students aren’t required to have a Zoom account to join meetings, it’s recommended that you keep this setting disabled.)
  • Automatically record meeting - When this setting is enabled, recording will start immediately after you join the meeting. (If you want to control when the recording starts, then disable this setting.)
  1. Click Save. An Outlook meeting invitation will appear containing the meeting link and other meeting information. (It may take a minute for the meeting invitation to appear.)
  2. If you’re scheduling a recurring meeting, then, on the meeting invitation, click Recurrence.

  3. Specify the recurrence pattern and an end date. (If you don't specify an end date, then the meeting will appear on your calendar and your students' calendars indefinitely.)

    Recurrence Pattern & End Date
  4. Click OK.
  5. Send the meeting invitation to your students. (A copy of the email will appear in your Sent Items folder, and the meeting will be added to your and your students' Outlook calendars.)

    Your students do not need to click Accept on the meeting invitation; they can simply close it. When they close the meeting invitation without clicking Accept or sending a response, then the meeting will still appear on their Outlook calendars.