What it means to be a Kappa

Our members share their experiences and thoughts on Kappa

Kappa is not only being rocked to sleep by Sarah's Song when I was a baby, but it is coming to college, knowing that Kappa a cherished family tradition, and realizing that it's also the best decision I could have ever made for myself. It's being scared, but knowing your sisters will give you strength and courage; it's being lonely, but knowing your sisters are always a phone call away; most of all, it's knowing that someone is always there to laugh with you, cry with you and love you.


Kappa is a breath of fresh air! It's the confidence that someone's always going to be there for you wherever you go.



What Kappa is to me is a place to try new things and explore new possibilities knowing that the people around me will allow me to do so and  love me.



What I've learned from Kappa is that no matter what, you will always have someone there to fall back on.  Your sisters will always be there for you to count on 100%.





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