CLAS 230
Mythology and Music
Spring 2006
Dr. James E. Betts, instructor



There will be required readings in either or both texts for each class session. The discussion of the music selected for listening will be based on these readings and on information about the music itself. There may be quizzes over the assigned reading at any class session.

Each student will keep a journal of the class discussions and personal reactions to discussion and listening, to be updated weekly. I will expect an electronic copy of each new entry to the journal by class time of the first class of the following week.

Each student will prepare a 600-word report on one of the composers covered in class. This report will include basic biographical information, observations on the historical and musical style period of the composer’s activity, and considerations of how and why the composer may have looked to classical mythology for inspiration. The report is due May 4.

There are two lectures scheduled this semester that are germane to this course. The first, on March 15 at 7:30, is the annual Fox Classics Lecture, presenting a different view of myth. The second, on April 23 at 4:00, is a presentation on "Mozart and Rome." Attendance at both is required, and a 300-word report on each lecture is expected. More details will be found in the course schedule.

Finally, there will be a midterm examination on Thursday, March 2, and a final on May 8 at 6:00 pm. Both midterm and final will include questions on the mythological subjects covered and the composers presented in class. There may be “drop-the-laser” listening questions as part of these exams.

Report Topics

Jaclyn Angelotti

Gabriel Faure

Dustin Bennett

Nathan Brown Igor Stravinsky
Ryan Burns Virgin Steele
Nikki Ciesla Claudio Monteverdi
Alphonzo Cirton Boheslav Martinu
Ashley Clegg Henry Purcell
Brittney Coombs Benjamin Britten
Maria Davies Cream
Samantha Dwyer Johann Sebastian Bach
Rachel Edwards David Bedford
Dillon Fritch Hector Berlioz
Karah Goetschius Stephen Scott
Heidi Hartshorn Dick Hyman
Brandon Hurckes Jacques Offenbach
Ed Jensen Carl Nielsen
Jonathan Kenley Bill Chase
Mindy Lents Darius Milhaud
Celsey Link Dimitrios Vassilakis
Meghan Lyons Erik Satie
Megan Mullen Christoph Willibald Gluck
Mary O’Connor Richard Wagner
Matthew Platt Franz Liszt
Ankeia Scott Harrison Birtwistle
John Serra Elliott Carter
Sarah Sherry George Frederick Handel
Rachel Strzelecki Luigi Cherubini
Ashley Tocha Ludwig van Beethoven