CLAS 230
Mythology and Music
Spring 2006
Dr. James E. Betts, instructor


COURSE SCHEDULE: (Still in process)

WK 1

Jan. 17, introduction to the course and materials; review of syllabus; read ML,  Ch. 5; listen to first part of Holst, Planets.

Jan.19, finish Planets; discuss Ch. 5; read Ch. 4.

WK 2

Jan. 24, Hermes, Athena; ML, Ch. 8, 9; Chase, Cronus, Zeus, Satie, Mercure, Scott, Minerva’s Web

Jan. 26, Aphrodite, Eros; Chase, Aphrodite, “Cupid,” “Venus”

WK 3

Jan. 31, Prometheus, Apollo; ML, Ch. 11; Liszt, Prometheus, Beethoven, Creatures of Prometheus.

Feb. 2, Apollo; Bach, Streit zwischen Phoebus und Pan, Nielsen, Helios.

WK 4,

Feb. 7, Metamorphoses; ML, p. 203 (Niobe), Ch. 13 (Pan, Narcissus), pp. 236-239 (Daphne), p. 615 (Arethusa); Handel, Apollo e Dafne; Strauss, Daphne; Nielsen, Pan and Syrinx.

Feb. 9, metamorphoses; Scott, Tears of Niobe, Britten, Metamorphoses.

WK 5,

Feb. 14, Minos, Theseus; ML, Ch. 23, Ch. 24; Hyman, Minotaur, Carter, Minotaur, Britten, Phaedra.

Feb. 16, Daedalus, Icarus, Jason; Vassilakis, Labyrinth, Winter, Icarus, Cherubini, Medea, Barber, Medea.

WK 6

Feb. 21, Orpheus; ML, Ch. 16; Guest lecturer, Jacquelynn Urban; Monteverdi, Orfeo, Gluck, Orfeo.

Feb. 23, Orpheus; Haydn, Orfeo, Offenbach, Orphee.

WK 7

Feb. 28, Orpheus continued; Milhaud, Orphee, Amouyal, Orpheus.

Mar. 2, midterm.

WK 8

Mar. 14, Trojan War; ML, Ch. 19; Berlioz, Les Troyens.

Mar. 15, 7:30, Highlander Room, Fox Classics Lecture on myth (attendance required). Lecture response must be turned in by noon on Mar. 20.

Mar. 16, Trojan War; Manowar, Triumph of Steel, Music from the Iliad.

WK 9

Mar. 21, no class.

Mar. 23, Odysseus/Ulysses; ML, Ch. 20; Monteverdi, Il Ritorno d'Ulisse, Faure, Penelope, Bedford, Odyssey, .

WK 10

Mar. 28, Odysseus continued; Benzi, Ulisses' Odyssey, Cream, Tales of Brave Ulysses, Britten, Rescue of Penelope.

Mar. 30, Handel, Acis and Galatea

WK 11

Apr. 4, Idomeneus; ML, p. 449, p. 483; Mozart, Idomeneo.

Apr. 6, no class.

WK 12

Apr. 11, Agamemnon; ML, Ch. 18, p. 487, p. 482,  pp. 452-453; Gluck, Iphigenia, Virgin Steele, House of Atreus

Apr. 13, Orestes; Strauss, Elektra, Virgin Steele, House of Atreus (continued).

WK 13

Apr. 18, Aeneas; ML, pp. 43-46, pp. 644-653; Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, Novak, Dido.

Apr. 20, Roman myth; ML, Ch. 13; Mozart, Ascanio in Alba,

WK 14

Apr. 23, 4:00, Highlander Room; Dr. Robert Ketterer, University of Iowa, on Mozart and Rome (attendance required). Lecture response must be turned in by the beginning of class Apr. 27.

Apr. 25, no class.

Apr. 27, Roman myth; Britten, Rape of Lucrece

WK 15

May 2, other mythologies; Wagner, Ring.

May 4, Cowell, Banshee, Tides of Manaunaun; Martinu, Gilgamesh; review

Final: Monday, May 8, 6:00 pm.