Monmouth College

(revised 4/20/2012)

Minor Requirements

-The minor requires 4.5 approved courses in three or more academic disciplines (see approved list of courses below).

-One of the courses will be an upper division, interdisciplinary capstone course. This course will be identified during the registration period and taught as a special topics course within a major.

-Students may count no more than two courses from one discipline for the minor; students may negotiate with the program coordinator to count multi-disciplinary courses into one of a number of possible disciplines.

For a course to count towards the minor, at least 60 percent of course material must relate directly to the nineteenth century. The Nineteenth-Century Studies Steering Committee (overseen by the Curriculum Committee) may approve exceptions to this rule.


ANTH   250*      Special Topics in Anthropology


ARTD   350*      Special Topics in Art History


ENGL   180*      Introduction to Literature

ENGL   221        British Survey II

ENGL   224        American Survey I

ENGL   250*      Special Topics

ENGL   337*      Genre Studies in British Literature

ENGL   339*      Topics in British Literature

ENGL   347*      Genre Studies in American Literature

ENGL   349*      Topics in American Literature

ENGL   350*      Special Topics


HIST     110*      U.S. History

HIST     120*      World History

HIST     130*      European History

HIST     140*      Comparative History

HIST     210*      U.S. History

HIST     220*      World History

HIST     230*      European History

HIST     240*      Comparative History


MUSI   205        History of American Music

MUSI   212        History and Literature of Music II

MUSI   250*      Special Topics

Modern Foreign Languages                                                                                       

FREN    332*      Perspectives in French Literature

FREN    424*      Francophone Literature

SPAN    326*      Topics in Spanish Language

SPAN    336*      Topics in Hispanophone History and Culture

SPAN    466*      Topics in Literature


PHIL     250*      Special Topics

PHIL     350*      Topics in the History of Philosophy

Political Science

POLS    321        The American Presidency

POLS    351        Constitutional Law

Religious Studies                                                                                                        

RELG    200*      Topics in the History of Christian Thought

RELG    250*      Special Topics


THEA   273        The Modern Theatre


†Students who matriculated in fall of 2010 or earlier will follow the old requirements of 18 hours (or an equivalent). 

*when topic is appropriate