Protocol for Incidents Affecting Off-Campus Programs


The coordinator of off-campus study is responsible for monitoring reports of incidents connected with off-campus programs or of wider events that may impact off-campus programs.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

            Reports of incidents involving Monmouth College students and/or staff;

            Reports of incidents involving student and/or staff at off-campus sites used by Monmouth College;

            Events within a country that may impact travel to or study at an off-campus site, such as natural disasters, health or safety threats, etc.


Any member of the college community who receives from a student, parent, or other source, any information regarding such incidents is asked to share this information immediately with the coordinator, who will gather information from appropriate sources and share it with appropriate members of the college community.  If the situation warrants, the coordinator, in consultation with the Curriculum Committee sub-committee on off-campus study and other appropriate members of the college community, will make recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty and the Vice President for Finance regarding the appropriate institutional response.  The Dean of the Faculty and the Vice President for Finance will ensure that the recommendations are consistent with College policies and practices.