Info for Physics Majors/Minors at Monmouth College

Physics Major

The department major includes seven or more courses, no fewer than 28 semester hours, approved by the department. At least two courses must be at or above the 300 level and the student must complete the prerequisite mathematics courses (typically the calculus sequence through differential equations). Unless prior study or experience persuades the department to the contrary, students should expect to include Physics 130, 132, 134, 208, 210, 302, and 303 in their program. All juniors and seniors are expected to participate in the science seminar (Physics 350). Seniors must complete an independent study project.

Physics Minor

The department minor requires five courses: Physics 130 and 132, two courses numbered above 200, and one course numbered above 300. The Physics 134 or 190 course may be substituted for a 200 level course.

Teacher Certification

A physics major can prepare for secondary level certification by completing the major cited above and by adding the requirements described in the Education Department section of the catalog including Education 342. Physics majors should complete at least 8 semester hours in biology to qualify to teach general science.

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