The study of Political Science assists students in becoming well informed citizens capable of critical thought. Fields of study include: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Policy, Constitutional Law, and Political Philosophy.

Emphasis is placed on avid classroom discussion. Practical experience is also encouraged through internships in political campaigns, legislative offices, and local newspapers. Off-campus study in Washington D.C. is a popular option among Political Science majors and other students interested in politics, government, or the media.

Upon graduation, Political Science majors have gone off to graduate school, law school, careers in government or politics, and careers in business.

Why be a Political Science Major?

The Benefits of a Political Science Education


ImageMonmouth College is committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow. A Political Science degree equips students with the background they need to become successful leaders in virtually any field. Whether one's goal is graduate school, government, or business, a Political Science degree will provide the tools needed for students to realize their potential.

Critical Thinking

Image Political Science helps students become accustomed to looking beyond superficial talking points and analyzing the structural and historical contexts of power relationships. Using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, students will become true liberal arts scholars and gain a broad knowledge of social scientific methods.

Think Global

Image The old saying, "Think Global, Act Local," applies especially to Political Science. Students will gain a comparative understanding of political systems and ideologies and will be better able to navigate our new global society. This will, in turn, give students a deeper perspective on their own corner of the globe.