Future Conferences


What is Illowa???

Illowa is a research conference for psychology undergraduates from the Midwest. The conference consists of several sessions in which students present their own research.


April 23, 2005 (plenty of time to get some research done to present)


This year Illowa is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!! Western Illinois University!!

How much?

NOTHING!!!! You might be asked to chip in on some gas money...but other than that the conference is absolutely free!!!!!

Now the ultimate question of why?

There are several reasons that you should go to Illowa. Illowa can help give you ideas for your own research (which if you are a psych major you will have to do your senior year). This conference also gives you an opportunity to meet other psychology students and see what they are researching. Probably one of the most rewarding reasons to go to Illowa is the opportunity you are given to present your own research!!!

**Any questions about Illowa can be answered by any of the Psychology professors.**