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Public Relations Program


The public relations major is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for a wide range of jobs and careers.  

Please visit the links at the left for further information on the faculty of the program, internships, courses, and to view student portfolios of seniors and recent graduates.  

Public relations practitioners are skilled creators and managers. Duties will range from the everyday (press releases, ongoing publications, newsletters) to the unusual (a visit from the CEO, the opening of a new plant, the annual stockholders meetings). 

Public relations combines an ability to juggle numerous tasks with attention to detail. Often the hours are long, but the rewards can be substantial. Creativity and grace under pressure are some of the prerequisites for the job.  

Many public relations majors also pursue a second major or a several minors to enrich their credentials.  The interdisciplinary structure of the major makes receiving a double major in communication, business and/or art a very successful combination that many students have enjoyed.

Public relations means being a trusted advisor to top management and a strategic planner. Public relations officers deal with a variety of internal and external publics of an organization's image. 

Hands on Experience

  • Internships are highly encouraged for all public relations majors. Recent public relations majors have done internships for credit with NBC’s Today Show, Sony Records in Nashville, Disney World in Orlando, FL,
  • Majors and non-majors can utilize the campus newspaper (The Courier), radio station (WMCR) and the campus television station (WMCTV)
  • Substantial in class writing and discussion

Off-Campus Programs

Many public relations majors may profit from the ACM Chicago Urban Studies program. The internship opportunities in Chicago are excellent, giving the students the chance to work in major corporate or media settings. The Chicago Program in the Arts may be similarly used by a number of our majors.

 Career Opportunities

Monmouth College students who pursue a major in Public Relations have a very bright future in the workforce. Some of the possibilities include: Copy Writer, Press Aide, Media Buyer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Events Planner, Speech Writer, Editorial Assistant, Multimedia Producer, Publications Director and Spokesperson. The federal Bureau of Labor predicts a 18% increase in the number of public relations positions in the next few years, stronger than the average for other professions

Public Relations Major

Course requirements (All are 3 s.h. except as noted, see specific departments for complete course descriptions):  

PUBR 341:  Public Relations 

PUBR 491:  Public Relations Cases

PUBR 493:  Internship 

PUBR 363 or CATA 363: Public Relations and Media Writing

CATA 261:  Mass Media and Modern Society 
CATA 339: Persuasion 
CATA 365: Media Production (4 s.h.) 

BUSI 315: Negotiations or BUSI 335 Human Resources

BUSI 307: Principles of Marketing
BUSI 367: Marketing Communication 
ECON 200: Principles of Economics (4 s.h.) 
MATH 106: Elementary Statistics 


A check sheet that covers all the requirements of the major and the general education requirements is available at this link.  Monmouth College Public Relations Major Check List. 

Public Relations Minor

Given the broad nature of the public relations area, no minor is offered.


Students are encouraged to meet with the Program Coordinator to discuss areas of interest. Often students can major in a second area, or can develop specific areas of expertise. Courses in Psychology and Sociology are generally useful, as is a familiarity with the various forms of communication technology (e.g., video, Internet, multimedia, print). Students interested in writing or organizational presentation should consider the following courses: 

CATA 233:  Advanced Public Speaking 
CATA 235:  Small Group Communication 
CATA 333:  Organizational Communication 
ENGL 210:  Creative Writing 
ENGL 301:  Advanced Composition 
ENGL 310:  Advanced Creative Writing 

 Students interested in Print/Digital Imaging should consider the following courses: 

ARTD 211:  Design 
ARTD 236:  Photography 
ARTD 345:  Graphic Design I 
ARTD 445:  Graphic Design II 
CATA 375:  Scenery and Lighting Design



Monmouth College Public Relations Program News
New Web Site for PR Program

The Monmouth College Public Relations Program has a new web site and is working out the bugs (and typos) during March, April and May 2008.  If you see an error, have an idea or want a correction made, contact the Public Relations Program Webmaster, Jim O'Brien at with your idea or correction.

April 15, 2008 is the Deadline for Public Relations Internship Applications for Credit during Summer and Fall 2008.

To earn credit for an internship, you traditionally need to be of junior and good standing, have secured a specific public relations internship post where you will do professional public relations work, and then complete and submit the application.  Once approved, interns are allowed to register for academic credit.   In general, to earn 3 s.h. of credit, a student needs 120-150 hours of professional level internship work.

Alumni News

Heather Prater, '07, has taken a position working in public relations for a media personality in the Chicago are and is managing media relations for a record label.

Ellen Ehrenhart, '07, who finished her degree and public relations internship in event planning is currently working in Springfield and preparing for her big break in theater.

Brooke Morgan, '07, who graduated in December of 2007 is now working on her masters degree in communication at Illinois State University.

PR Graduating Seniors of May 2008

Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the public relations program of Monmouth  College for 2008!  (With honorable mention to those graduating in December 2007.)

Well educated and ready to work -- the Public Relations Program extends an early congratulations and a keep up the hard work until graduation to the graduating seniors of the public relations program.  Anyone knowing of great job leads is encouraged to share the info with the graduating seniors who are actively looking for their dream job!

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