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Public Relations Student Portfolios

Students are encouraged to prepare a professional portfolio or work projects during the completion of their course work at Monmouth College, and include in it projects from the co-curricular and related summer work ventures.

A few of the senior public relations students have developed digital online portfolios that showcase their work.  Other students have asked that we link to their professional résumés.

Please feel free to visit the links below to see digital portfolio’s and résumés of students, currently finishing and some who have recently joined the ranks of the alumni, of the public relations major of Monmouth College

Cassie Tangney                                                           

Double Major in Public Relations and Art, B.A. 2008

Digital Professional Public Relations and Digital Art Portfolio of Cassie Tangney   

Cassie Tangney has done several very successful internships in public relations, is an amazingly talented artists and graphic designer and recently completed a successful internship at Archer Daniels Midland in developing online executive training curriculums and delivery modules.  She is a veteran of the intercollegiate volleyball team and a great artist.  Her online portfolio uses the licensing standards of the Public Relations Society of America to demonstrate her competencies as a public relations professional. 



Pamela Steskal

Double Major in Public Relations and Communication/Theater Arts , B.A. May 2008

Digital Communication Major Portfolio  of Pamela Steskal  

Pamela Steskal has been inducted into many academic honor societies at Monmouth, but has also been active in her co-curricular life where she was elected President of the College speech and debate team, serves as the advertising manager for The Courier, has been a radio station (WMCR) executive and played intercollegiate competitive golf for two years.  Pamela has served on the communication tutoring staff for several years, and is currently deciding between graduate programs and professional position options.  A native of Nebraska, Pamela is a very proud aunt to two nieces and an amazingly hard worker.



Pamela Steskal

Brooke Morgan

Major in Public Relations, Minor Business, B.A. 2007

Link to Résumé

Brooke Morgan did successful internships in public relations in  professional baseball, banking in Florida and for a newspaper.  Brooke studied abroad in France and Italy before graduating early in December 2007.  She is going off to graduate school, to study communication and public relations.  She, did however, make sure to recruit her younger brother Fletcher before leaving us.  




Jill Springsteen

Double Major in Public Relations in Communication, B.A. 2008

Link to Digital Communication Portfolio of Jill Springsteen

Jill Springsteen has served as the manager of WMCR radio, a paid communication tutor, captain of the Monmouth College cheerleading team and is still a very involved sibling to her nine brothers and sisters.  Jill has been active in her sorority on campus, keeping up with the sisters she opted to join when she has a few minutes away from the brothers and sisters she was bonded to by birth.  Jill was selected to participate in an internship at Madison Square Garden, before opting to do one with Sony Records in Nashville, TN.  She is looking forward to graduating in May 2008 and joining the ranks of professionals in public relations.



Jim O’Brien

Major in Computer Science, Minor Communication  B.A. 2008

Jim O’Brien is the web designer and programmer for this new public relations program web site and did the work through a public relations internship.  You are already viewing a product of Jim’s public relations and computer science competence.  Jim is a wonderful computer programmer and has excellent written and public speaking communication skills.  A member of the College pipe bagpipe band (see photo) Jim also enjoys a wide array of co-curricular interests and serves as one of the emergency “helpers” sent out to solve network and computer problems.  Jim is looking forward to a professional positions in computer network systems or graduate school when he graduates in May 2008.

Link to Jim O’Brien’s Résumé



Erik Hoffer

Major in Public Relations B.A. 2007

Link to Online Résumé

President of his fraternity and a member of several of the College’s highest academic honor groups, Eric Hoffer has done a broad array of internships while excelling in his college courses.  He has worked for both a professional public relations agency and done public relations and marketing work for a major manufacturer of fires safety equipment.  In one of his internships he helped perform public demonstrations by setting simulated homes on fire!  No, not arson, just really impressive point-of-purchase consumer relations.  Eric will join the private sector in a position where he will “set the world of fire” when he graduates in May 2008.  His ideal job would involve the golf industry and regular golfing business meetings!



Brittany Koritz

Double Major in Public Relations and Communication, B.A. 2008

Link to Digital Public Relations and Communication Portfolio

Brittany Koritz will be ending her College career as a member of the Dean’s list having done several professional public relations internships in event planning, sports management and corporate communication.  A veteran of the College’s intercollegiate women’s basketball team, she is a full professional at working in groups, motivating others and has an amazing record of supervisor evaluations in her credentials.  Her internships include having worked for a professional baseball corporate organization, planning and managing events for a major resort.  She also has over six years experience working in the family business for her favorite supervisor, her father.  She is targeting positions in large American corporations where she could work in marketing, corporate communication and/or public relations.  Brittany, like Brooke Morgan above, recruited a younger member of the family to join the Monmouth College student body. 



Rebekah McCombs

Double Major in Public Relations and Communication, B.A. 2008

Link to Digital Communication Portfolio

Rebekah McCombs is a double major in public relations and communication.  The former head of the Monmouth College dance team, Rebekah researched, applied for, landed and then was successful at one of the top public relations firms in the country, the M Booth Firm on Park Avenue in New York City.  Rebekah has a career goal of securing an event planning, public relations campaign management or marketing position for fun and interesting projects.  However, her first client will be her sister Rachel McCombs, a 2006 alum of communication of Monmouth College who has recruited Rebekah to help plan her upcoming wedding.



Ellen Ehrenhart

Major in Communication and Theater (and successful public relations intern), B.A. 2007

Link to Digital Communication Portfolio for Ellen Ehrenhart

Ellen’s love is theater and she recently finished her degree early.  Ellen is an example of a student who took advantage of the public relations program to provide strength to her professional skills We are sure Ellen will be successful as she embarks into the professional world.  While her major focused on professional theater, Ellen did work in public relations in program development and event planning to make herself more marketable in her career.  Ellen is dedicated to the power of humor in personal and professional life, and carries that in to her every day interactions bring joy into the lives of friends, family and co-workers. . 



For information on developing professional public relations portfolios go to our PR Portfolios Page.

Monmouth College Public Relations Program News
New Web Site for PR Program

The Monmouth College Public Relations Program has a new web site and is working out the bugs (and typos) during March, April and May 2008.  If you see an error, have an idea or want a correction made, contact the Public Relations Program Webmaster, Jim O'Brien at with your idea or correction.

April 15, 2008 is the Deadline for Public Relations Internship Applications for Credit during Summer and Fall 2008.

To earn credit for an internship, you traditionally need to be of junior and good standing, have secured a specific public relations internship post where you will do professional public relations work, and then complete and submit the application.  Once approved, interns are allowed to register for academic credit.   In general, to earn 3 s.h. of credit, a student needs 120-150 hours of professional level internship work.

Alumni News

Heather Prater, '07, has taken a position working in public relations for a media personality in the Chicago are and is managing media relations for a record label.

Ellen Ehrenhart, '07, who finished her degree and public relations internship in event planning is currently working in Springfield and preparing for her big break in theater.

Brooke Morgan, '07, who graduated in December of 2007 is now working on her masters degree in communication at Illinois State University.

PR Graduating Seniors of May 2008

Congratulations to the graduating seniors of the public relations program of Monmouth  College for 2008!  (With honorable mention to those graduating in December 2007.)

Well educated and ready to work -- the Public Relations Program extends an early congratulations and a keep up the hard work until graduation to the graduating seniors of the public relations program.  Anyone knowing of great job leads is encouraged to share the info with the graduating seniors who are actively looking for their dream job!

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